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Why do babies walk on tiptoes

Walking on tiptoes is an inducted posture for a toddler. The case is that the toddler stands up on his/her tiptoes in order to relax the gluteal muscles which in certain kids are in the swollen condition. In this case, the muscles are painful in response to deep pressure. In doing so, while walking, pain appears. The toddler has to stand up onto his/her tiptoes to eliminate the resulting pain sensations. As a result of such gait, foot muscles, providing in turn a strong pressure on the lymph vessels, become tensed.

The lymph flow significantly slows. A disorder of the normal metabolism in the muscle cells occurs, after a while it can lead to serious health problems.

The cause of why a kid is walking on his/her tiptoes lies in swollen gluteal muscles!

The video below shows a good example of a toddler’s problem:

After defining the fact what makes certain toddlers walk on tiptoes, let’s consider the only effective method of restoring the gait at these disorders. This technique is developed by myologist Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov with 30 years of experience. The doctor is working on eliminating the cause of the disorders in the gait, not the consequences. This approach is the most effective. If your son or daughter walks on tiptoes, we recommend you to seek the aid of Nikolai Nikonov. The case is that the absence of proper treatment can result in serious health complications for your kid.

Emendic massage rehabilitation

The emendic massage is a set of manual techniques aimed at eliminating the causes of incorrect gait. The work experience obtained for 30 years allows relieving buttock muscles from tension using the massage.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

While carrying out the emendic massage, I knead the hard the gluteal muscle. This procedure requires great precision to avoid from appearance of pain sensations. During the massage the muscle cells are becoming clean of their waste products and restore up to their physiological norm. The intoxication process stops, muscle cells decrease in size and do not press on the lymph vessels. This means that walking on tiptoes is in the past. The gait is restored and the kid walks on a full foot.

Pyramidal insufficiency can be one the causes of gait abnormality.

Watch my videos about the rehabilitation of children suffering from this problem:

Information about emendic massage:

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