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Review of the treatment by Dr. Nikonov written by Yerzhan's mother

Name: Yerzhan
Age: 10 years
Diagnosis or problem: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia
Symptoms: Violation of motor functions

Yerzhan is 10 years old, he has a twin. My baby has experienced many things: medicinal treatment, physiotherapeutic procedures and massage courses every 2 months. Yerzhan was born on the week 32 by cesarean cessation. When the baby was 1 year and 2 months old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We aimed all the forces and means at the treatment in Novosibirsk, Kazakhstan and China. We spent a lot of time and money, but the treatment gave no results. Once we lost hope, I found information on Dr. Nikonov, who helps desperate people. First, I'm going to tell our story.

Every six months, after Yerzhan turned three, we went to China, Urumqi and Yuci. There we underwent procedures, exercise therapy, massage, injections in certain spots and acupuncture. It continued this way until he turned 7 years. I was hoping for a miracle, but it never happened.

Then I asked Dr. Nikonov for help. I wanted him to cure my baby and help my son to get back to normal life. Nikolai Borisovich couldn't be with me and Yerzhan all the time, so he taught me to participate in the recovery process of the child.

Emendic treatment procedures, day one

After the first emendic massage session, my son felt complete relaxation and fatigue. Some time later a significant increase of the physical force happened. I was very surprised, but in the evening Yerzhan himself asked me to walk in the hallway of the hotel where we were staying.

Emendic procedures, day two

During the procedures, Nikolai Borisovich worked with problem places and taught me his technique. On that day, I learned to feel problem places better and could feel and compare myself the muscle swelling on the right and left legs. My son rarely cries but today he felt pain and cried a little. Later the child told me that after the massage he felt much better.

Training, day three

Dr. Nikonov explained me that the swollen areas of the chest (mammary glands) and the abdomen (around navel) are the cause of the problem areas of the feet. When the emendic procedures were over, my son made splits under the supervision of Nikolai Borisovich. During the exercise, Yerzhan felt chest pain. After the splints in prone position, the doctor pressed the knees on the pear-shaped muscles of my son, which provoked similar chest pain.

Day four

We already have a significant result. It looks like we are doing procedures for more than a month. Today Yerzhan almost didn't cry, because there was a great progress in working with the swollen muscles. On the fourth day of the emendic procedures, the emphasis was placed on the problem area, located slightly above the groin. When we did the stretching exercises for the muscles of the back and abdomen, Yerzhan started by himself to play and did a somersault. Today I did better than yesterday. Dr. Nikonov didn't comment on the procedures.


Day five

Today my son feels much better. He underwent the procedures without tears and fatigue. Yerzhan does a half-splint in a sitting position easily. I want to point out that he mastered this exercise much faster than before.

Yerzhan is 10 years old

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The first results that I filmed:

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Yerzhan starts to stand correctly!

Yerzhan rehabilitation, day six

Today I performed myself the manual procedures under the supervision of Dr. Nikonov in order to consolidate the skills and knowledge obtained during the learning process. I want to note that I get tired more than my son does, which is good. Honestly, when you watch the video, it seems that everything is so easy and simple, but it is much harder in practice. You need a lot of effort to perform the complex of manual procedures. Yerzhan fells much better, he smiles and he started to walk more!

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In the following video, Dr. Nikonov teaches us to do splits:

You may wonder why I am describing the history of treatment of Erzhan by Nikolai Borisovich? The fact is that for 10 years I have not seen the results we got in 6 days with the emendic treatment! In the following video, I talk about the rehabilitation of the child in China:

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