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Review of Damir's parents of treatment by Dr. Nikonov

Name: Damir
Age: 9 months
Diagnosis or problem: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia
Symptoms: Spreads legs and cannot stand even with support

My husband and I asked Dr. Nikonov for help after many disappointments of the doctors who completely did not want to see the problem in our Damir. The fact is that my child spreads legs every time and does not even want to try to stand, even with our help. We visited an orthopedist several times, who found no problems and only calmed me down saying that it would pass with age. Then we went to a neurologist and he made a diagnosis that we doubt a lot: predisposition to cerebral palsy. Doctors did not show any interest in the problem and didn't try to find a way to avoid the dreadful diagnosis. Our only hope was Dr. Nikonov. The myologist not only helped to rehabilitate our Damir, but he also taught us the technique of emendic procedures. Watch the video to see the beginning of the rehabilitation process:

Results after the first emendic massage

The first procedure involved muscles of the back, neck and partially the muscles of the legs. I was surprised by the results of the work of Nikolai Borisovich. My son became so relaxed and calm like never before. Usually Damir squeezes his right hand badly in a fist and it is extremely difficult to touch the palm of the hand; but after the first emendic procedure, the strain disappeared, though the hands were not involved. At the end of the first session, my child fully straightened his arms for the first time!

Exercise "bends"

Dr. Nikonov taught us the technique of the exercise "bends". Nikolai Borisovich supervised carefully the process, gave us advice and guided us, while continuously encouraging and giving hope that our son will recover soon. It was very pleasant and comfortable to work in such an atmosphere.

Exercise "turning the legs over"

Before starting the exercise, Nikolai Borisovich consulted us and acquainted with the technique of performing "turning the legs over". Under the strict guidance of the doctor, it wasn't scary to perform the exercise. Besides, it's nice to feel how the muscles of my baby relax and are influenced by the treatment, the result is obvious!

Our opinion on the emendic procedures

My husband and I came to Moscow to learn the technique of the emendic massage and to help our Damir to recover. We thought that this technique is quite difficult, almost unreal to learn. Dr. Nikonov in just 5 days helped us to learn all the nuances and peculiarities of the work. The emendic massage really brings results! Our baby changes right in front of our eyes! We are very happy that we have come to Moscow. Now we will work independently to recover Damir.

The result after five sessions

After 5 emendic massage procedures Damir felt much better. The child became more active, not so tensed. He became interested in games and communication. Now our son grabs favorite toys without problems. It seems to me that the child became a little taller. Frankly speaking, I didn't believed that we can get such a result in just 5 days! Thank you Dr. Nikonov!

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