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Review by Alena, the mother of Dima on rehabilitation by Dr. Nikonov

Name: Dima
Age: 1.8 years
Diagnosis or problem: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia
Symptoms: Cry, poor appetite, inhibited, does not talk, almost does not contact with people

Dima is my third child. Elder sons, 4 and 5.5 years old, are healthy, smart and happy boys but Dima is a special child. I gave birth to Dima in time, but when I first saw him, I was a little scared. The fact is that the skin of my son was hanging and his weight was only 2550 grams. As a result, we had many problems with everything: feeding, health and development. The baby cried constantly, was completely tensed and didn't let me change his clothes or bathe him. Dima couldn't relax even in my hands, but in the maternity hospital I was told that everything was good. My baby looked like this:


We had big problems with feeding because my son constantly refused food and didn't eat enough. This problem remained to the age of 11 months. The question is: how could a child gain weight? When Dime turned one year old, he weighed a little more than 7 kg. When he was 1.8, he weighed 9 kg! Where could this child get strength? The child was very weak and regularly sick: numerous ARDs with high temperature lasted for a long time. Once a problem with one disease was solved, another virus appeared immediately and it all started again.

The child developed slowly: he could hardly hold his head that is why after 6 month it was just thrown back. Only at the age of 7 months, Dima started to roll over. At the age of 8 months, the baby started to crawl, at the age of 10 months, he started to sit and as he turned one year old, he managed to stand up. Note that the child made the first steps without external assistance when he was 1 year and 4 months old. Dima started to walk by himself at 1 year and 7 months.

The most terrible thing is that my child does not speak! He could repeat about 5-6 words. Dima can understand neither requests nor speech. The child does not contact with people. If someone wanted to play or get acquainted with him, he resented or simply left. In addition, he had weak fine motor skills of the hands and poorly developed vestibular apparatus.

Dima photo

Already at the age of 9 months, neurologists diagnosed Dima with encephalopathy, delayed psychomotor development and rickets of degree 2. At one year, he had a minor brain dysfunction, at 1.5 years due to shaky gait, physical and mental backwardness, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the astatic form of medium severity. Later other diagnoses were added to cerebral palsy: secondary atrial septal defect, enlarged pancreas, right kidney cyst, double-sided inguinal testis and hip joint dysplasia.

We struggled with many problems of our son. As a result, he received electrophoresis, 4 courses of massage and exercise therapy, for 4 courses he received injections and took nootropic pills that stimulate brain activity. We consulted osteopaths and homeopaths of Moscow. It is difficult for me to say that the above treatments contributed to any improvement. My child developed physically, but did it very slowly, so he badly lagged behind his age mates. Mental development of Dima remained at the level of 10-12 months.

Dima photo 2

Why did I choose the technique of Dr. Nikonov?

I visited a large number of specialists, but no one was able to determine the exact cause that had led to so many problems. Everyone repeated the same words: a problem of intrauterine growth, damage of a certain part of the brain. I was told to focus more on my child both physically and intellectually. However, the problem was that I couldn't do it because Dima avoided any contact. That's why I started to look for alternative ways to solve our problem. What else could I do if the child didn't absolutely communicate even with his mom? The advice of doctors did not help; the baby remained unsocial and touchy. As a result, I found in the Internet the information on Dr. Nikonov. I was interested in his method at once, and his video materials on the results of treatment of children with cerebral palsy impressed me. A month later, I came for the treatment. I will tell you about each day of the rehabilitation.

Day one

Dr. Nikonov followed Dima closely: how he moves, responds to different actions, communicates with other people. For the first time the doctor listened with understanding and interest to all details of the features of my child. Then Nikolai Borisovich began to work with the muscles of the neck, back and buttocks. Dima was constantly crying; he did not feel pain, he felt discomfort. The emendic massage, a technique developed by Dr. Nikonov, is a great work. I had to just hold Dima’s hands and feet straight. Sometimes three people had to hold the child. The muscles of the baby were tense and were relaxing very slowly with great resistance of all the body. I was tired already after 10 minutes and by the end of the emendic procedure I was tired as if I had spent a couple of hours in the gym.

After the session, Dima fell asleep very quickly. For the first time, he woke up with a smile and a desire to move and discover the world around him. My son even started to crawl on the knees. Dima put legs straight and symmetrically. The child was walking from the room to the kitchen and back. This continued throughout the evening almost without lowering to the floor. Dima was walking smoothly and confidently, the child lowered the hands significantly more than he did it before. The kid was getting a lot of pleasure from this process. I was also surprised by the fact that the son started to show willingness to interact: he looked me in the eyes, touched with his hands my feet, clothes and even several times asked me to take him in my arms! For the first time he became open to the world.

Day two

On the second day, Dima's muscles were swollen again, so the great effect of the first day of the emendic procedures has weakened. However, the most important was the fact that Dima started walking more and straighter and the resistance decreased during the second procedure. It became much easier and simpler to work with Dima. I managed to connect and fix his straight hands behind the head. Note that yesterday it was possible to do so only in front. I like that Dr. Nikonov followed attentively the results and answered all questions.

After the emendic massage, Dima was very relaxed. He was so exhausted that he fell asleep and slept for 4 hours. I couldn't even wake my son up but when I did it I saw the smile on his face. Nikolai Borisovich explained the slight deterioration. The fact is that child's gait weakened due to freed muscles that were not previously involved in the movement. At this, hand movements became more sweeping. Dima began to communicate with me and we played the ball. The child began to eat better, he chewed food properly and swallowed and he did not choke anymore.

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Day three

My son started to walk a lot. The step length of his right leg increased, which more stretched forward rather than sideways. Dima's movements became faster and more active. One shoulder of the child is a little lower than another one but Nikolai Borisovich said that this is due to the different condition of the back muscles. It turns out that on one side the muscles stretch faster and better than on the other side. For this reason, the myologist worked with lateral muscles and the muscles of the buttocks and back for a long time. In the end of the third procedure, I was very surprised because the muscles became so soft that it was difficult to find them. To my surprise, Dima started to perform quite complex exercises: body and legs bent in the supine position. After the emendic procedures, my son fell asleep.

Day four

Dr. Nikonov followed closely the condition of the child and pointed out all the changes and improvements. I noticed that Dima's neck had stretched and the back and shoulders had straightened. Before the procedure, Nikolai Borisovich determined that that day he would work with the groin muscles of the legs, the legs and the back. In the middle of a procedure, a miracle happened: Dima with the help of the myologist gradually made the side split of the both legs! This is really a great achievement because he has the following diagnoses: cerebral palsy and hip joint dysplasia. How can that be? The good thing is that we managed to capture it on camera. As Dr. Nikonov explained later, it was a difficult and crucial procedure. A split is a good proof that we have been able to stretch the problem muscles and help leg joints to move normally.

After the session, the child slept for only 3 hours but when he woke up, he was crying and refused to communicate with me.

Day five

The well-being of the child today is much better. He showed again the desire to crawl. Nikolai Borisovich worked with the back, neck and lower back. Dima resisted so much that even for me it was difficult to hold him. After the fifth emendic massage procedure, my son quickly fell asleep and slept for around 2 hours. When he woke up, he was in a good mood and he climbed on the bed by himself.

Dima photo

Day six

Dima feels even better than on the previous session. The child changes in front of the eyes. He became active, happy and smiling. My son really enjoyed climbing on the bed. However, he still crawls asymmetrically: the left leg rests on the foot, the right is bent under the buttock. Dima behaves much better during the procedures and is more sociable. After the emendic massage for the first time the child didn't fall sleep, he was lying for about an hour and then went to play in a good mood.


Day seven

Dima is in a good mood and feels well. As Dr. Nikonov explained, the problem remained only in the back. This is why the right leg does not function properly. Nikolai Borisovich showed me what exercises to do and how to do them for 1-2 months to make my son feel better. Then Dima made a split.

The doctor also advised us to seek the advice of a clinical psychologist and logopedist Veronica who has a great work experience. When we came to the specialist, she worked with Dima for 4 hours and asked in detail about his development history and worked with the child while revealing problem issues. As a result, Veronica helped to design a program for further work with Dima and established a diagnosis: speech delay against the background of mental retardation. She also explained us that my child has a lag in mental development for almost a year.

Day eight

It's the last day of our sessions. The doctor shows and tells my husband and me what and how we will do further with Dima. It is really a very complicated and responsible process but I am not afraid anymore. We have studied gymnastics technique on strengthening and stretching the muscles. After 7 procedures Dima became completely different. The child is active, free, happy and cheerful. The condition of the problem muscles has improved significantly and it will continue to improve, if we continue to work at home. Subsequent restoration depends only on us.

I'm very glad I had found such a great specialist Dr. Nikonov. The myologist helped to straighten the back, make the gait of my child correct. Nikolai Borisovich also cheered up me and my child. I hope that other parents with similar problems will not stop and will continue to work and fight against the terrible diagnosis of cerebral palsy. The technique of Nikolai Borisovich is really effective!

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