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Pyramidal insufficiency in babies

What is pyramidal insufficiency?

If your baby’s chin trembles when the baby cries, his/her hands tremble and his/her head is thrown back, maybe he/she hesitantly takes a toy and barely holds it, then the neurologist will establish the diagnosis of pyramid insufficiency. The same diagnosis can be established, if the baby curls his/her toes when sitting and while he/she is walking on the tips of toes. Note that pyramidal insufficiency manifests itself in the fact that the impulses from neurons (brain cells) are slowed down by the pyramidal pathways in the area where the brain connects to the spinal cord. Restoration of the speed of passing an impulse takes three months but the diagnosis remains. Doctors do not know that the problem is in the legs, hands and trembling chin.

Turns of the baby’s head to one side or walking on the tips of toes is not a problem of the brain and its pyramidal tracts. The fact is that they are completely healthy. The problem remains in muscle myocytes!

Pyramidal insufficiency in children is not a disease

The word “insufficiency” tells us that at this point of time the areas of the brain responsible for movement of the child develop slower, than intended by nature. The fact is that in the cortex there is an area responsible for voluntary muscle contraction. If a person wants to make a certain movement, signal from the cortex cells goes down the nervous system and reaches the intended segment of the spinal cord. This part of the nervous system — from cells in the cortex to spinal cord segment — is called the pyramidal tract. Pyramids are anatomical divisions of the medulla oblongata, a nerve impulse passes through them, so this tract and is called “pyramidal”.

How is this syndrome treated?

As practice has shown, medical specialists, whether neuroscientists or massage therapists, in most cases have no clue about how to get rid of the pyramidal insufficiency. Usually we hear: “According to the results of the ultrasound and MRI, your baby has no deviations and we see nothing on the X-ray picture! There is nothing to worry about, everything goes well! Your child is healthy!” Usually children are appointed sedatives, vitamins and health-improving massage. These measures do not bring any results. The fact is that any delay in brain development has its causes and unpleasant consequences. If alarming symptoms of the pyramidal insufficiency are not noticed timely and no action is taken, then the child has a risk to have even more serious problems a few years later!

Why is pyramidal insufficiency dangerous?

The main danger is that after several years of irregular gait, inability to write well, hyperactivity (unaware people confuse it with poor education of the child), severe pain in the back, legs and joints develops! Then postural disorders develop at the school age. In adolescence, doctors diagnose vertebral osteochondrosis. Further, the situation only worsens, the child feels severe pain in the back; protrusions of intervertebral discs and hernia appear. Strong pain sensations in the back develop because at postural curvature the pressure of the upper part of the body at the lower back is asymmetrical. Further, the person is haunted by the neck pain and headaches. The fact is that over the years the muscles were experiencing uneven stretching associated with asymmetric posture.

Is it possible to treat pyramidal insufficiency?

The pyramidal insufficiency has functional nature, so it can be treated. However, the health-improving massage, which is often prescribed to children in such cases, does not bring any results. The fact is that the said massage is carried out by a polyclinic specialist without fixing the problem muscles. To effectively get rid of the pyramidal insufficiency, it is necessary to apply the unique emendic massage.

The emendic treatment procedures

This method, developed by myologist Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov, directly addresses eliminating the causes of pyramidal insufficiency. During the thirty years of practice, the head doctor of the clinic “Emendo” has treated hundreds of children with symptoms of pyramidal insufficiency.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

In my experience there hasn`t been patients whom I could not help. Note that the speed of treatment of children greatly depends on the initial condition of the child, the number of procedures and the desire of parents to comply with my recommendations. The developed emendic massage method works effectively because the treatment is aimed at eliminating the cause, rather than the consequences of the brain function disorders.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

As a result of the massage, muscles of the baby naturally recover of swelling, a process of purification of cells from metabolic products speeds up and an interaction between the cells and the brain establishes. The body of the baby gets a chance to develop normally and quickly catch up time.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Parents take an active part in the emendic massage procedure. I ask them to hold the problem muscles of the patient. In doing so I clearly explain and show the mother where and with what force it is necessary to hold problem muscles, and I myself continue applying the unique manual movements on them. Note that the impulse from the fixed muscle goes through the pyramidal tract directly to the brain.


The unique method developed by Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov helps the child to relieve stress. As a result of eliminating the pyramidal insufficiency, the child starts to develop rapidly both mentally and physically. The emendic massage promotes restoration of normal cell function and metabolism that immediately affects the condition and development of the brain. Patients, who underwent the course of massage, are cheerful and active and are ahead of their age-mates in development. Such children do not only get rid of infant hypertonia but also develop harmoniously in adolescence. These children do not have scoliosis and posture disorders. An early solving the problem of muscle swelling allows to get rid of strong pain sensations in the back and intervertebral cartilage in the future.

As you can see, the doctors cannot treat your child completely. They argue that the baby is healthy! The fact is that there is simply no such diagnosis as a pyramidal insufficiency. However, all manifestations of this problem gradually lead to the development of other serious diseases!

Information about emendic massage:

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