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Progressive pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Duchenne X-linked recessive pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy is a malignant form of neuromuscular pathology. As a result, by the age of 25 complete immobilization occurs, then 2 years after complete immobilization, breathing stops or cardiac muscle stops.

According to the World Health Organization, the treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy is missing.
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I agree that I will not be able to restore the severed gene, but ...


By applying my method of influencing those patients who applied to me for my 40-year practice, I saw the impact of my influence. Three patients were still in Soviet times. Then I was still a young doctor, and did not give due importance to the results that I obtained.

These three patients - young people aged 16, 18 and 25 years old with a Duchenne muscular dystrophy diagnosis, moved with difficulty, stumbled when walking, could not get up from the squat without hands. The result of my work with them: for several months, they began to walk confidently for long distances without getting tired, began to rise from their haunches without using their hands.

In the history of modern Russia, I was engaged in restoring children with cerebral palsy, but recently patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy began to contact me. Applying my knowledge and accumulated experience, as a result of the effect on the muscles by my method, these patients showed positive states of the muscles.

If the muscles are maintained in such a state that they are freely and strongly reduced and lengthened, that the life expectancy of such patients may be the same as that of ordinary people, and without invalid's immobility.

Photo 1

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

How do I get to improve the condition of the muscles, I will describe a little below using the example of a boy, Jacob, 6 years old. The girls also suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but their number is smaller (I will also describe it, but in another article, using the example of the girl Nastia, 15 years old).


In Jacob, a mutation in a region of a gene producing a dystrophin protein appeared spontaneously. Genetic tests of the mother and three other Jacob’s brothers and sisters did not detect gene abnormalities.

I was approached by patients not only diagnosed with Duchenne, but also with Becker muscular dystrophy. The symptoms of these myodystrophies are similar, because both forms are the result of mutations in one locus (Xр21.2).

I explain the benign course of Becker's muscular dystrophy by the fact that dystrophin in this disease, although in small quantities, is produced. Therefore, the filling of muscle cells with fat accumulations is very slow and immobility comes to 40-50 years, and not to 25 years, as in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Emine, who lives in Turkey, stopped walking by the age of 50, was diagnosed with Duchenne. The beginning of the disease Emine felt in 25 years. At first, the woman did not attach importance to muscle weakness. But at the age of 40, when weakness enveloped both her legs and arms, Emine passed her genetic analysis. She passed a biopsy of her own thigh muscle. Genetic analysis confirmed that the woman had a change in the gene. Based on genetic data and the clinical presentation, Emine was diagnosed: Duchenne-Becker muscular dystrophy.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

She appealed to me with a request to restore her movement after unsuccessful treatment for ten years in many clinics in Europe.

After the clinics in Europe, who could not help her, refused to continue the treatment of the sick woman, I, Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov, started working with her.

I managed to restore movement and strength in Emine’s muscles so that she began to climb up to the 17th floor twice in a row without using her hands and without stopping to restore breathing!

Clinical presentation

The first signs of the disease in the form of muscle weakness appear at the age of 2-5 years.

Jacob's parents turned to me. At the moment of addressing me, Jacob was 6 years old.

Photo Jacob`s Mom, Jacob, and Nikonov

The boy, confirmed by genetic studies, has diagnoses Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Child complaints:

Constant strong weakness and fast fatigue in the muscles forced the child to sit down to rest after a few steps.

Jacob, by the age of 6, had already formed a typical "duck" gait (Waddling Gait) - swinging in the hip joints. On examination of Jacob, I saw pseudohypertrophy of the calf, deltoid, and gluteal muscles. There was no knee jerk.

Jacob says that he has weakness in the lower back, in the legs, in the soma and in his hands. Over the past year, Jacob's parents have noted the strengthening of their son’s weakness and are alarmed. They know that usually, due to growing weakness by the age of 9-12, children usually stop walking.

Jacob’s parents turned to Irish rehabilitation centers, where doctors told them that Duchenne muscular dystrophy is not treated, they offered steroid treatment (as recommended by the World Health Organization).

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

When Jacob's parents turned to me with a request to help their son, I replied that I could not influence the changed gene. So I can't help the muscle cell produce enough dystrophin.

But I can help the muscle cell not fill up so quickly with fat accumulations that replace the lack of dystrophin.

Thus, we will try to free the muscle cell from unnecessary inclusions. If we release the muscle cell from unnecessary inclusions, then we would like to make a completely free zone, in which there will be only motor proteins: actin and myosin, as well as a power plant that gives energy for the movement of these proteins. The power station is called mitochondria.

Lumps of fat accumulations do not allow the muscle to shrink, so with Duchenne-Becker muscular dystrophy, the muscle can lengthen, but there is no shrink.

Example: if stretch the spring and insert a nut inside the helix, the spring can still stretch, and can be shrink in the opposite position only when you remove the nut.

In addition, these fat lumps shift mitochondria from actin and myosin proteins to the periphery of the cell. Therefore, muscle weakness occurs: inability to rise from a squat or inability to run.

Photo of Jacob on the couch with his grandfather and doctor

The result of my exposure to the Jacob`s muscles

  1. The child has ceased to tire to travel long distances. Jacob can walk all day.
  2. Climbs and descends the stairs without the help of hands.
  3. Climbing along a forest path to a height of 500 meters.
  4. It descends from a steep mountain without hands. Runs without stumbling.
  5. Squats and gets up from the squat without hands.
  6. Comes into the sea and stands with the force of a wave height of 2 points.
  7. He walks along the large-pebble beach without support and rather quickly.

Jacob's character improved, the child became open, sociable, he spoke more, both in dialogue and in a monologue. He wanted to learn Russian to communicate with me, not in English, but in my native language.

The result of my impact to Nastia’s muscles

  1. Independently walks, holding the wall or objects.
  2. Swimming in the pool.
  3. Easy to roll from side to side.
  4. There is lightness in the movements of the hands.
  5. Smiles more.

The result of my impact on Emine’s muscles

  1. Independently, without the help of hands, she rises from a squat.
  2. Independently without hands, she climbs stairs to the 17th floor.
  3. Walks over long distances.
  4. Appeared appetite, which was not more than 40 years.
  5. There is a feeling of joy.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Such fantastic results were made by me, Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov! The whole World refused these patients of mine!

Only Faith, Hope, Love, my knowledge and experience made, from the point of view of the whole World, the impossible! I am proud of my knowledge!

This article is intended for familiarization.

What is Duchenne-Becker muscular dystrophy - watch the video

Restoration of Jacob and Sergei

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