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Privacy Policy


Revision from the date 08/09/2017

This Privacy Policy for personal data (hereinafter – Privacy Policy) applies to all personal data that Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov, hereinafter – Site Administration, can get about the User while using the site with the domain name https://klinikanikonova.ru. The site administration asks to carefully read the Privacy Policy.


2. Basic terms used in the Privacy Policy:

1.1. Site administration – Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov, individual to which the site is registered with a domain name https://klinikanikonova.ru.

1.2. Confidentiality of personal data - it is imperative that the Site Administration or other persons having access to personal data comply with the requirement not to allow their distribution without the consent of the subject of personal data or the availability of another legal basis.

1.3. Personal data processing - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed by the Site Administration with the use of automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (update, change), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1.4. Personal data - any information relating to a directly or indirectly determined or determined individual (the subject of personal data).

1.5. Privacy Policy - this document, with all changes and additions, is located on the Internet at https://klinikanikonova.ru/.

1.6. User - this is a capable individual who has reached the age of 18, using the Site in their own interests.

1.7. Site — this is a site located on the Internet at https://klinikanikonova.ru.

1.8. Services – these are the services of the Site Administration, information about which is presented on the Site https://klinikanikonova.ru.

1.9.  Cookies — this is a small piece of data sent by the web server and stored on the user's computer, which the web client or web browser sends to the web server each time in an HTTP request when trying to open the page of the corresponding site.

1.10. IP address — this is the unique network address of a node in an IP network.


2.1. This Privacy Policy applies only to information obtained during the use of the site with a domain name https://klinikanikonova.ru.

2.2. The site administration does not verify the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by the User.

2.3. User’s use of the Site signifies acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the terms of processing User’s personal data.

2.4. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the User hereby consents to the Site Administration for the processing of their Personal Data specified in clauses 3.2.-3.5. this Privacy Policy, including the collection, recording, accumulation, storage, refinement (update, change), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data for the purposes specified in 4.1. Also accepting this Privacy Policy, the User hereby gives his consent to the Site Administration to transfer to third parties in accordance with the contractual relations the following functions: collection, recording, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision and access), de-identification, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

2.5. If the User does not agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy, he is obliged to stop using the Site.

2.6. This Privacy Policy is posted on https://klinikanikonova.com/privacy-policy.


3.1. This Privacy Policy establishes the obligations of the Site Administration for the processing of personal data of users, their protection, including ensuring the privacy protection of the Personal Data that the User provides the Site Administration in the following cases:

- when filling out the application form to the Site Administration on the Site,

- when leaving feedback on the services of the Site Administration.

3.2. Site Administration collects two types of information about the User:

- information that the User knowingly provided to the Site Administration during the process of using the Site;

- technical information automatically collected by the software of the Site during his visit by the User.

3.3. Personal data is provided by the User by filling in the form of appeal to the Site Administration and include the following information:

3.4. Personal data is provided by the User when publishing feedback about the Services of the Site Administration and include the following information:

3.5. Technical information automatically collected by the Site’s software during its visit to the User includes:

3.6. The Site has implemented a User identification technology based on the use of cookies. On the device used by the User to access the Site, cookies may be recorded, which will later be used for automatic authorization, for collecting statistical data, in particular about the attendance of the Site. The Site Administration may use and disclose information about the use of the Site, for example, to determine the extent to which the Site is used, to improve its content, to explain the usefulness of the Site and Services, and also to extend the functionality of the Site. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the User agrees to the Site Administration that the technical data specified in clause 3.5 collected from the Site may be transmitted via the Internet across national borders.

3.7. The Site Administration does not store Personal Data in cookies. The site administration uses information recorded in cookies that does not identify individual Users for analyzing trends, administering the Site, determining the users' movements on the Site and collecting demographic information about the basic contingent of Users in general..

3.8. If the User does not want the Site Administration to collect technical information about him using cookies, the User must stop using the Site or prohibit the storage of cookies on his device used to access the Site, setting his browser accordingly. It should be borne in mind that Site services using this technology may not be available.

3.9. Personal data is kept by the Site Administration in confidentiality unless the User voluntarily posted information for general access in comments and reviews on the Site.

3.10. The Site Administration guarantees that it never provides Personal data to third parties, unless:


4.1. The Site Administration uses the personal data of users for the following purposes:

-        for feedback with the User to respond to his appeal,

-        for sending to the User, with his consent, messages to the email address about the completed application form to the Site Administration,

-        to publish the User’s feedback from the Site Administration Services on the Site, to respond to it if necessary.


5.1. The Site Administration protects the personal information of the User by applying generally accepted security methods to ensure the protection of information from loss, unauthorized or accidental access, distortion and unauthorized distribution, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, as well as any other illegal actions with personal data of third parties. Security is implemented by software security tools, access verification procedures, the use of cryptographic information protection tools, and compliance with privacy policies.


6.1. The processing of the Personal data provided by the User on the Site is carried out until the goal of processing Personal Data is achieved.

6.2. If the Personal data has been lost or disclosed, the Site Administration is obliged to inform the User about it.

6.3. The Site Administration together with the User takes all necessary measures to prevent losses or other negative consequences caused by the loss or disclosure of the personal data of the User.


7.1. When using the Site, the User is obliged to provide information about Personal Data required by the Site Administration.

7.2. The user's personal data provided when filling out forms on the Site, which are stored by the Site Administration and processed by it, can be deleted / impersonal by contacting the User with the Site Administration, to do this, send a message to the email address [email protected]

7.3. The user has the right to demand that the Site Administration clarify his Personal data, block or destroy it if the Personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or not necessary for the stated purpose of processing, by sending a message to the email address [email protected]

7.4. The Site Administration guarantees that it never provides Personal data to third parties, except as provided for in clause 3.10 of this Privacy Policy.

7.5. The Site Administration is obliged to use the information obtained solely for the purposes specified in paragraph 4.1 of this Privacy Policy.

7.6. The Site Administration blocks the Personal data about the User from the moment of the request or request of the User or his legal representative or authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects for the period of verification, in case of unreliable personal data or illegal actions.

7.7. The user agrees that the Site Administration will send to the e-mail address indicated by the Site News, information on new Services, special offers, advertisements, other useful information from the Site Administration or site Administration partners. The user can at any time refuse to receive letters from the Site Administration by sending a message to the email address [email protected].

7.8. The email address used to send messages to the User from the site administration is stored on secure servers by the hosting provider of the site Beget.ru and is used by the Site Administration exclusively in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 


8.1. The Site Administration has the right to make any changes and additions to the Privacy Policy at any time at its discretion.

8.2. Changes and additions come into force from the moment of posting on the Site of the Privacy Policy with changes and additions.

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