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Perinatal encephalopathy

Causes of perinatal encephalopathy

Dr. Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov has determined that the cause of motor disorders in perinatal encephalopathy is not in neurons of the brain but in muscles, which cannot respond to normal impulses sent by the brain by full stretching. Depending on the amount of abnormal protein in the muscles and on its biochemical composition in muscle cells, as well as on the fact in which muscles the protein is located, the acute period of perinatal encephalopathy will be observed.

Neurologists describe the acute period as:

  1. CNS depression syndrome.
  2. Comatose syndrome.
  3. Increased neuro-reflex irritability syndrome.
  4. Convulsive disorder.
  5. Hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome.

The mothers of the babies with perinatal encephalopathy contact Nikolai Borisovich when neurologists diagnose their babies in addition to the abovementioned syndromes with syndrome of motor disorders and delayed psychomotor development.

Treatment of perinatal encephalopathy in babies

Using the unique emendic massage method, Dr. Nikonov eliminates unnecessary protein excess (swelling) from muscle cells. After the treatment, patients develop normal physical endurance. Children easily do the split, make a crab posture from the standing position, jump from heights without injury. They also stop walking on the tips of toes, become attentive, their character changes: they become positive and good-natured. The babies rehabilitated by doctor Nikonov can play game or invite others to play. Nikolai Borisovich carries out emendic procedures on the patients diagnosed with perinatal encephalopathy in order to fully rehabilitate them!

Nikolai Borisovich is the only doctor in the world who teaches parents to rehabilitate their babies on their own.

Symptoms of perinatal encephalopathy in babies

If your newborn baby has one of the following symptoms, the diagnosis is confirmed:

  • convulsions;
  • hyperexcitability;
  • depression:
  • severe headaches (hydrocephaly);
  • increased intracranial pressure (headaches and lethargy);
  • vegetative visceral disorder (pale complexion, constant crying, etc.).

Information about emendic massage:

Consequences and danger of the disease

Let`s for our purpose divide normal perinatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy into three severity degrees:

Mild degree of encephalopathy

Hyperexcitability, skin cyanosis when prolonged crying only and slight violation of motor development. Note that the delay in the motor development is 2 weeks from normal. Hyperexcitability remains in kindergarten and at school. Typically, people say the following about these children: “He/she can do well in learning, but something bothers him/her”. It is recurring hyperexcitability that bothers the child, that does not allow concentrating through the muscular system (bad posture). As a result, this problem will also hinder the future career.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Influencing with the help of emetic massage techniques, which I have developed, makes it possible to completely restore pathways and brain structures. As a result of the treatment, the diagnosis of perinatal encephalopathy will be removed! Note that the general tonic and medical massage cannot achieve such results.

Medium degree of perinatal encephalopathy

There is still hyperexcitability, skin cyanosis with not prolonged crying and mottled skin. When the child cries, there are invisible cramps, which force him to lie down on the floor. As a result, parents and others start to think that the child is so spoiled that he wants to get everything by lying on the floor, but he does not. Due to muscle contraction and increased muscle tone, it is difficult for the child to keep balance. For this reason, he is forced to fall down and of course expresses his outrage, discomfort and pain. The child may experience shaking of hands or legs. Cramps can be strong or only chin can shake. The child lags behind his age-mates in motor development approximately for a couple of months or immediately starts to stand up without crawling, sometimes walks on tiptoes.

Note that physical lag or advance can affect learning material. First, it is harder for the brain of the child to analyze the material in a kindergarten and then at school. Children with perinatal encephalopathy see that they do not have time to learn the material and that they lag behind others. For this reason, in order not to realize themselves as bad students, they unconsciously start to disturb other children, do other stuff or just mess around.

Due to the non-normalized muscle tone in the neonatal period, the muscles of the back do not let the child sit quietly and make the child restless and hyperactive. Children with these problems can learn well only some of the subjects that are of particular interest to them and they have bad grades in the rest of the subjects.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

In the process of the emendic massage in newborns diagnosed with moderate degree of perinatal encephalopathy from one month to nine months, neural connections and brain structures are fully restored. “Why up to nine months?” you will ask. It is explained by the fact that in this age the hyperexcitable baby can be easily persuaded, convinced or follows requests. Note that after nine months, it is possible to restore the functioning of the brain too, but it takes a little more time and effort. It is so because the children already have their opinions, desires and plain laziness. Other types of massage are useless in this case!

Severe perinatal encephalopathy in children can lead to infantile cerebral palsy and autism!
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