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Baby massage at home in Moscow

The main focus of the work of myologist Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov is baby massage in Moscow. The myologist with work experience of more than 30 years carries out the procedures at home and, unlike other therapists’ massage methods, works according to the unique emendic effect method. The present complex of manual procedures developed by Nikolai Borisovich has helped many babies with different problems: hypertonia, flat foot, walking on the tips of toes, mental and physical development delay. The doctor also rehabilitates babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I am sure that carrying out the baby massage at home will be a better solution than driving the baby to the clinic or hospital. This is explained by the fact that the environment at home is the most favourable for your baby, it helps him/her to relax and increases the efficiency of my work. The emendic massage allows restoring the muscles of the baby quickly, while preventing various problems related thereto. Note that the procedures are carried out in Moscow! 

Why baby massage should be carried out at home?

Work with the baby at home has a number of significant advantages:

First, it is important to determine the purposes of the baby massage. Possible reasons are as follows:

The diagnosis established to a baby by the treating doctor will help determining the purpose of the baby massage.

Emendic massage for babies in Moscow

The emendic effect method is developed by myologist Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov and is successfully applied in practice over 30 years. The main objective is to work with problem muscles, which while being in the swollen state, bring to the development of many serious diseases as a result. While carrying out the baby massage at home in Moscow, Nikolai Borisovich prevents further complications.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I do not encourage everyone without exceptions to do emendic procedures, but I want parents to know that if a baby has health problems and they want to get rid of them, they should write me! Only I can help your baby to live a healthy and fulfilling life and not to lag in development from babies of the same age.

Patient visits take place at the territory of Moscow. In doing so, it is possible to train the parents in person. Asking me to make the muscles of your baby ideal, you will help your baby to develop properly and save your baby from further problems of adolescence.

My method allows to completely rehabilitate babies even with the dreadful diagnosis of cerebral palsy.



Emendic massage for babies in Moscow

Information about emendic massage:

Health-improving massage

A large part of the baby massage therapists house-called in Moscow offer health-improving massage, but how useful is it? Can physicians from polyclinics and baby`s mother benefit from it? Let us look at the benefits of this type of massage and define the tasks being solved thereby. As a result, we will analyze our conclusions.

Parents perform health-improving massage themselves better than a specialist from the hospital. As the health-improving massage has only general effects and does not solve the specific tasks of restoring muscle movements, then any mother can perform it better than the baby massage therapist can. Why can the mother of the baby do it better? Because the mother makes it with her heart, soul, warmth and care. There is no way to harm your infant while performing a general health-improving massage.

Baby massage specialists will say that you should not stroke against the outflow of venous blood. But they say it without knowing anatomy. The fact is that it is impossible to reverse venous blood flow due to the vein structure. There are millions of valves, preventing a reverse flow of the venous blood. The mother will never press the baby with her weight; therefore, she will never do any harm!

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

The type of the baby massage under consideration, which is mostly performed in the polyclinic, does not solve serious health problems of the baby. You will ask "Why?". I will give an example:

Your neighbour`s baby was not turning over, but after carrying out the general health-improving massage the baby mastered this task. This happened because the procedures carried out relaxed the healthy muscles and the baby was able to turn over due to their normalization. The fact is that the problem muscles remained those problem. If you do not carry out emendic procedures, nothing bad will happen to your baby. But the problem muscles (already swollen) will be more and more swollen with each passing year. As a result, discomfort will not let your child sit quietly in the classroom. Instead of listening to teachers, the child will be forced to change posture and spin constantly. Coming home, he will say that the teacher was explaining the stuff badly, and you will have to hire a tutor.

Another case. The child begins to play sports, such as football. After a while, because of loads, his back starts to be swollen in those muscles that left swollen when the child was a baby. After several years of learning, the child simply will not be able to continue because of back pain. In order to avoid such situations, Nikolai Borisovich provides baby massage services at home in Moscow.

If you start caring about your baby at an early age, you will avoid subsequent serious problems!
The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $
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