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Parents training for children, suffering from CP

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Transfer of knowledge of Dr. NikonovMy, Dr. Nikonov’s method, was developed and based solely on personal experience and is the only effective rehabilitation method in the world for children with cerebral palsy.

I was a regular student of Gorky Medical Institute. After graduating, I worked in a clinical hospital where I was dealing with rehabilitation of adult patients after a heart attack, stroke, operative effects, as well as with restoration of joint mobility in patients suffering from immobility of the joints.

Doctor Nikonov transmits his knowledgeA year later, I was invited to the hospital of the Central Committee of the CPSU to rehabilitate patients.

The chief physician of the hospital of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Nikolai Fedorovich Volkov, and the deputy for the medical unit, Rosa Ivanovna, set the task to completely recover patients, workers of the Central Committee of the CPSU, suffering from muscle stiffness, in the neurology unit.

The most important thing was that I got one hour (60 minutes) to work on the patient's muscles, compared to 10 minutes allocated in a clinical hospital.

Consultation of Dr. Nikonov

From 8 am to 3 pm I studied at the medical institute. From 4 pm to 7 pm, I stayed in the nomenclature hospital to rehabilitate patients. From 8 pm to 11 pm, I was in private practice for recovering patients.

After 24 hours, I learned by rote 50 pages of textbooks and lectures daily, like Pushkin’s verses, since the classes at the medical institute included daily examinations of the study of learning textbooks, lectures, and monographs. Thus, I had 6 years of it at the medical institute.

Transfer of knowledge and skills by doctor NikonovMy life is far from being called comfortable. Can't recall how many times I've had to accomplish a feat to study successfully and recover the patients!

One of my patients, a professor at the Medical Institute, Zoia Aleksandrovna Spasskaia, was the head of the department of pediatrics. The department was located in the pediatric institute.

Doctor Nikonov and patientsZoia Aleksandrovna became a grandmother. Her 2-month-old granddaughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, severe motor retardation. Zoia Aleksandrovna seek me when the girl was 4 months old. She previously visited 4 masseurs from the pediatric institute, but there was no result.

Her granddaughter was my first small patient.

I worked with a girl every day and, by the age of 8 months, the baby began to catch up with her peers in development. At the age of 1 year, she was already confidently standing on her legs. At 1.5 years old, the girl began to walk independently as an ordinary normal child.

Zoia Aleksandrovna asked me to help another child, a girl, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis.

Doctor Nikonov with parentsIt took me a year and a half to restore her. Every day, two hours a day, I worked on the girl's muscles with their certain stretching and fixation.

As a result, Elena began to walk like an ordinary healthy child.

This hit the newspaper: Elena’s neurologist from the local clinic addressed the editor. The neurologist was excited with the fact that Lena, who was already 6 years old, began to walk.

Nikolai Borisovich on the procedureThere were thousands of small patients with various diagnoses and forms of cerebral palsy after Elena I helped to recover.

Unfortunately, I cannot spend a year restoring every child in need of my help.

But, I can share my experience with parents whose children suffer from various forms of cerebral palsy.

Parents who wanted to help their child to recover call me for help and I helped them in providing consultations.

Knowledge transfer by Nikolai NikonovConsultation is the work on the muscles according to Dr. Nikonov’s method, with an explanation and share of skills to affect the muscles so that they begin to move normally.

The minimum number of consultations required for mastering the skill in children under 5 years old and without any concomitant diseases is 10.

Why 10, not 5?

These 10 sessions will make spastic muscles softer, so that parents, when working independently with the child, can cope with soft muscles.

Transfer of Nikonov's knowledge about the treatment of cerebral palsySpastic muscles are the problem only I can deal with. Five sessions are not enough.

Why 20, not 10?

  1. If the child is over 5 years old and has strong muscle tone.
  2. If there are other diagnoses in addition to cerebral palsy, they can affect the consultation. This will require us to adapt, suspend during seizures, and the like.

I shared my skills in muscle recovery in cerebral palsy to parents who, in turn, provided the following conditions:

The parents decided on the number of days of stay independently, based on three consultations per week.

Why three, not five?

One hour was not enough for me to work with all the problem muscles of the child, therefore, usually, for the second hour, the parents worked independently using my, Dr. Nikonov’s method, on the muscles left untreated.

The next day, the parents worked on the muscles using my, Dr. Nikonov's method, twice for two hours, independently, however, at the same time they did my tasks.

Thus, the parents acquired the skill of working with the muscles of their child.

There were cases when the athletes-fathers came and said: "Nikolai Borisovich, quickly show us how to affect the muscles, and we leave”. After the first consultation, such fathers already understood that they would not be able to quickly restore their child since the technique of influencing the muscles is completely different. This is not a massage. I don’t do a massage!

To make an appointment for sharing the muscle recovery skills, please, use only the contact form available on this site.
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

The paid contact form prevents me from those parents who do not respect my time and the time of those parents whose children I work with. In addition, it protects me from mentally ill people and trolls who write nasty things, ask questions only they can hear in their heads or have nothing to do while in the subway.


There are thousands of such people. The paid contact helped me to exclude the possibility of preventing me from working with children whose parents are extremely interested in their recovery.

I help only those children whose parents respect my family.

I help only those parents who express gratitude to my family for sharing my skills in restoring their children.

Videos on parent training:

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $
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