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Muscle hypertonia in babies

Important information

Today in modern medicine two quite different concepts are confused:

  • Physiological muscle hypertonia, which completely disappears by the age of 6 months without any intervention.
  • Muscle swelling. The problem is that it is disguised as a physiological hypertonia but it does not disappear without intervention. As a result, the muscle swelling causes the development of serious diseases.

It is important to be able to distinguish between these concepts because the child can develop serious health complications in the future.

Treatment of hypertonia in babies

There is only one method to treat the muscle swelling, which is the real cause of the problem. Dr. Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov studied this problem for over 30 years; therefore, he was able to identify the real cause of persistent muscle hypertonia in babies. Thus, his work is aimed not at eliminating the hypertonia disappearing by the age of three months of baby’s life but at the swollen muscles. Due to the complex of manual procedures, the doctor removes the swelling of the muscle cells, which decrease in size and return to physiological norm. The problem of hypertonia is exhausted.

The method of Dr. Nikonov, namely the emendic massage, has helped hundreds of patients!
How persistent muscle hypertonia is eliminated

The emendic effect method is quite complicated but effective. The myologist massages the dense swollen muscle by precise manual movements. As a result of the unique massage, first, the lymph rapidly outflows from muscle cells. Then there is a sudden influx of the lymph to their walls. Just at the moment of the lymph influx, the cells get rid of accumulated waste products. Intoxication process discontinues, the muscle cells strongly decrease in size and become more elastic. The muscle swelling, which modern medicine always confuses with hypertonia, disappears! Nikolai Borisovich prevents serious future health problems of the patient.


Signs of muscle hypertonia

To determine precisely whether your baby has the problem being considered, you need to consult a specialist. However, there are evident symptoms of persistent muscle hypertonia. The main indicators of the normal development of the child are listed below. You will not have deviations from the given norms in the absence of the muscle swelling.

Any delay from the norms is a sign that the baby has persistent hypertonia.

The data is given in months!

If you believe that the inconsistencies are related to the physiological peculiarities of the baby, then you are losing valuable time!

Other possible signs of muscle hypertonia:
  • The baby started to stand up by 7-8 months without crawling.
  • The baby stands up but spreads legs widely straddles.
  • The baby walks on the tips of toes.
  • The baby sleeps with his head to one side.
  • Lying on the tummy, the baby cannot support weight on forearms or spread hands forward. The baby lies spreading his/her hands out to the sides.

The muscle swelling, which disguises as hypertonia, does not disappear without intervention and as a result becomes serious diagnoses: scoliosis, headaches, slouch, etc.

Information about emendic massage:

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $
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