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Liliia Aleksandrovna Nikonova

Liliia Aleksandrovna NikonovaLiliia Aleksandrovna Nikonova was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk (now Oskemen) in Kazakhstan, where she graduated from school and received a legal education. After she married me, Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov, she moved to live in Moscow. In Moscow, she is s getting a medical education (second higher education).

Liliia Aleksandrovna’s father is a major, investigator for particularly important cases. Her mother studied at the Conservatory.

Since childhood, the father of Liliia Aleksandrovna took the girl to his work. At the age of five, she already knew what interrogation is and how to conduct it. The little Liliia’s favourite thing was to play with material evidences that were stored in a separate room. Since the evidences had to be in a strictly defined place, the girl had the notion of “order”.

The interrogations at which she was present developed the memory and clarity of thinking in the girl, so Liliia Aleksandrovna studied easily.

Liliia Aleksandrovna knows Russian perfectly. This confirms the exam on the Russian language, which she passed to the “excellent” at the RUDN (Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship).

While studying medicine, Liliia Aleksandrovna wrote several scientific papers on this topic that were published in HAC accredited journals (the highest accreditation of scientific journals issued by the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Liliia Aleksandrovna sings well. The voice was developed by her mother.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Liliia Aleksandrovna Nikonova, together with a professional filmmaker, creates films about me, in which the results of my consultations are shown, and keeps in touch with the parents of my little patients.

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