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Gain defection in children

A child is born with an increased muscle tone and muscle swelling - this is normal in newborns. Increased tone goes away for three months, but the muscle swelling caused by the tone remains for the whole life. Small swelling does not interfere with muscle movements. Children with such a problem keep head, timely begin to roll over, crawl, stand and walk on their own without outside help. But the children who have massive swelling fall behind in physical development. Muscles cannot freely contract and stretch in result. Their elasticity is lost. The greater the swelling, the harder the child’s physical retardation is. Some children are so immobilized that mostly do not move.

Why does the child have an abnormal gait

If the swelling is concentrated in buttocks and back muscles, the baby feels pain when crawling. In this case, he passes this step and gets on feet to relieve from the pain. Sometimes children with severe swelling still crawl, but, at the same time, try to get up faster. When a child gets up to remove tension of the back or buttocks swollen muscles, he puts his legs apart or tiptoes.

Abnormal gait results in rapid clubfoot formation.

Restoration of gait disorders

Myologist Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov has developed a unique methodology of “emendo” exposure aimed to eliminate the muscle swelling. For 30 years of practice the doctor got a lot of experience, which allowed determining the real cause of its appearance. The myologist rehabilitates children working with the cause of gait disturbance, but not the consequences. If you have any questions on the subject, please use the form "Ask Nikolai Borisovich" below.

Information about emendic massage:

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $
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