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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an appointment at Dr. Nikonov?

You are our guests, as if you came to our home.

Everything that you read in articles and reviews, see on videos, was written by me and created by my wife Nikonova Lilia Aleksandrovna.

We pay for the maintenance of the website ourselves, just as you pay for the maintenance of your home.

We show the results of my unique work, my knowledge and skills in turning non-movable muscles into normally working ones on our website.

I will be very happy, if you find out useful information for you, that is unique in the world.

Health to you and your children.

How quickly do I have to answer Nikolai Borisovich after he replied by mail?

After Nikolai Borisovich answered the person who asked the question, this person is obliged to respond within 24 hours. If there is no response within 24 hours, you will have to contact again through a paid form.

What is the Nikonov's method?

Nikonov's method is a unique technique developed by Dr. Nikonov and successfully used in the recuperation of children with cerebral paralysis and muscular dystrophy. Using the Nikonov's method, children with even the most severe form of cerebral paralysis are recuperating – spastic tetraparesis. Please note that the Nikonov's method is supported by the Nobel laureates. More information about the Nikonov's method via the link.

Who supports the method of Dr. Nikonov?

The Dr. Nikonov's point of view about the problems arising inside the muscle cells is supported by the Nobel laureates of 2014 in the field of physiology and medicine: James Rothman, Randy Shekman, Thomas Südhof.

The Nobel laureate of 2016 Yoshinori Ohsumi supports and proves the Dr. Nikonov's point of view that cerebral paralysis is swelling inside muscle cells, and not a problem in the head.

In 2017, the American genetics Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Scientists have been awarded for discovering the molecular mechanisms that control the circadian rhythm. Their discovery confirms the Dr. Nikonov's point of view on the swelling formation in muscle cells in children with cerebral paralysis.

Doctor Nikonov Nikolai Borisovich, the first of the doctors, discovered swelling in the muscle cells and applied to the Osaka Institute for specialists to conduct complex studies. This task was assigned to Professor Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi, who prepared the answer to Nikolai Borisovich as a result.

What medical documents should be sent by post before the first consultation?

  • An inquiry from maternity hospital.
  • An inquiry from the clinic at the place of residence, when cerebral paralysis was firstly diagnosed.
  • Results of all MRI.
  • All vaccinations that were made before the diagnosis of cerebral paralysis.
  • All medications that were given by the parents of the child before the diagnosis of cerebral paralysis.
  • Extracts from all rehabilitation centers, in which parents have addressed before addressing Nikolai Borisovich.

What do you need to learn by Dr. Nikonov?

  • To be in Moscow in the metro area of Novye Cheriomushki (own or rented apartment).
  • To pre-purchase a professional mat for fitness.
  • To have two diapers.
  • To have three light women's scarves.
  • To prepare a change of clothes for the child.
  • To have comfortable home clothes for yourself.
  • To have a child's birth certificate (show before the first consultation).

Be sure to watch the video:

Can parents self cure a child with cerebral paralysis?

Parents can learn how to self-recuperate a child by taking over the knowledge and skills from Dr. Nikonov in Moscow. Training is an emendic procedure with explanations and transfer of skills how to affect the muscles so that they begin to move normally. The minimum number of consultations – 10 pcs. at the rate of 3 consultations per week.

Doctor Nikonov is the only doctor in the world who knows how to teach parents to recuperate their children with cerebral paralysis, muscular dystrophy.

Why other doctors do not know how to cure cerebral paralysis?

To recuperate children with cerebral paralysis, you need to know the current data on the causes of the disease. This data costs a lot of money. Doctor Nikonov spent all his earned money on the acquisition of additional knowledge, buying them from scientists all over the world, rather than spending money on his vacation, buying cars and apartments.

To recuperate children with cerebral paralysis, you need to work with the same little patient every day, seven days a week, without days off, holidays and vacation. Doctor Nikonov was recuperating children with cerebral paralysis, not being able to take a vacation for 30 years.

To recuperate children with this diagnosis, you need to give all your physical strength for years, despite the pain in your own muscles and fatigue. Dr. Nikonov's hands were numb, legs were twitching, loin was numb also during the procedure so that the immovable muscles of children become normally mobile.

To recuperate children with cerebral paralysis, doctors will need to make a choice: the family or the recuperation of young patients. Doctor Nikonov lived the life of children recuperated by him.

Doctor Nikonov spent on obtaining his knowledge for 30 years 10 million dollars.

Do any of the doctors and inhabitants of the Earth trade their well-being for knowledge to restore disabled children? Doctor Nikonov traded.

Doctor Nikonov is the only doctor in the world who knows what needs to be done in order to recuperate movement in muscles that do not move.

Is it possible to agree on additional consultations within the dates on which 10 consultations take place?

If Dr. Nikonov has such an opportunity, then there is double gratitude for additional consultations.

How to negotiate about training with Dr. Nikonov?

Nikolai Borisovich is unable to answer and call back phone calls due to heavy workload.

During the procedure, the doctor does not speak on the phone. In the breaks - he is resting. At lunch, Nikolai Borisovich is eating. During communication with family members Nikolay Borisovich does not answer calls.

When do parents complete the tasks of Nikolai Borisovich?

Nikolai Borisovich transmits his knowledge and experience three times a week. On the remaining days, the parents carry out the tasks of Nikolai Borisovich to recuperate their child on their own. Parents have almost no free time. Nikolai Borisovich gives a lot of tasks and it takes a lot of time to complete them. So it will not be possible "to be bored".

Where does Dr. Nikonov give consultations?

Nikolai Borisovich visits patients only on their territory. This can be an apartment or rental housing within a radius of 10 minutes on foot from the Novye Cheriomushki metro station. Thus, you, parents and adult patients, create the conditions for Dr. Nikonov to come to recover your children and you in time, not tired and not hungry. Thereby you create favorable conditions for the recuperation of your children and adult patients.

In exceptional cases, consultation can be held on Saturday, if it is convenient for Nikolai Borisovich, and by prior arrangement with Lilia Aleksandrovna.

How do parents of children with cerebral paralysis and muscular dystrophy and adult patients communicate with Dr. Nikonov?

If the message of the appeal to Nikolai Borisovich indicates the number of the transfer of funds and a photo of the receipt is attached, then such an appeal goes to the doctor. Subsequent communication takes place in the correspondence mode by email.

What payment methods are available to the doctor Nikonov?

Funds for contacting Dr. Nikonov can be transferred via Western Union or MONEYGRAM. Read in detail on the page of the form of appeal to the doctor.

What is the cost of a written appeal to Dr. Nikonov?

The cost of writing to the doctor – 800 $

Why is a written appeal to doctor Nikonov paid?

Doctor Nikonov does not have the opportunity to work for free.

The response to the appeal is a job that must be rewarded. In addition, you should keep in mind that Dr. Nikonov's answer is a unique answer, relating only to the problems of your child and you.

Payment for an appeal to Nikolai Borisovich is a filter that selects patients with serious intentions and respects the doctor’s personal time. During the working day, Dr. Nikonov recuperate patients and is heavily loaded.

Therefore, Nikolai Borisovich considers only paid requests in his personal time. If the doctor will consider all requests, he will not be able to help people who really need help.

How to sign up for a consultation with Dr. Nikonov?

To get to the consultation-procedure to Nikolai Borisovich, first of all, you need to pay an appeal to the doctor. After that, fill in a special form on the website and indicate in the message the number of the funds transfer (purpose: donation). Note: Dr. Nikonov receives only those requests where the transfer number is indicated in the message and a photo of the receipt is attached! If there is no transfer number, the message does not pass the moderation, i.e. not transferred to the consideration of Dr. Nikonov.

Price for one consultation for parents whose children of different ages are diagnosed with cerebral paralysis?

up to 2 years - 200 euro

from 2 to 5 years old - 300 euro

from 5 to 8 years old - 400 euro

from 8 to 11 years old - 500 euro

from 11 to 13 years old - 600 euro

from 13 to 16 years old - 1200 euro

from the age of 16 and adults - 2000 euro

Why the referrals to doctor Nikonov are fee-based?

The payment for the referrals to Nikolai Borisovich is a kind of filter, which specifies the committed patients and those who value the private time of the doctor. During the working hours, Dr. Nikonov recuperates the patients’ health and is extremely busy. That is why Nikolai Borisovich considers only the paid referrals during his private time. If the doctor considers all the referrals, he will not be able to help those who really need his help. That is why there was taken a decision to introduce payment for application which will perform the function of a filter.

How to arrange to be trained by Dr.Nikonov?

All the issues regarding the training with Nikolai Borisovich are discussed by e-mail correspondence. To address to the doctor, it is necessary to pay for the referral and fill in the form of communication with Nikolai Borisovich, placed on all pages of the website. In the message of the request, there should be mandatory indicated the number of money transfer. In case of absence of the number of money transfer, your message will not be delivered to Dr.Nikonov for consideration.

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $

Liliia Aleksandrovna prepared a video message, where she tells how to sign up for a consultation procedure or ask the doctor for a question.

Detailed instructions, methods of payment, and the application form can be found at the link:


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