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Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

Nastya is 15 years old. Diagnosis: Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy.
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Nastya, before turning to me, was almost immobilized. Her parents contacted me for help through the form asking me to teach them to independently recover muscle movements of the child. Parents were in despair, as Nastya turned into a girl with overweight and hypertrophic muscles from a child whom it was possible to carry and transport,. Nastya was embarrassed by the help of parents who helped her with her intimate hygiene.


Nastya was skeptical about the proposal of parents to contact me. The reason for this was the an awkward age of the girl, an already formed way of life in a motionless state, constant muscular weakness. The mistrust was due to the fact that previous contacts to rehabilitation centers did not bring positive effects, they maintained the child’s skepticism.

To make it interesting to get acquainted with the article, I report the result of my influence on the muscles in a child with Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy:

Before the first consultation, Nastya said that her life suit her and that were her parents who wanted me to teach them how to influence her muscles. Her complaints boiled down to the fact that she could not walk, freely move her arms: she could not bring her hands up, extend to the sides, stretch forward.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

After examining the patient, I saw an enlargement in the volume of the muscle fiber of the entire body, as well as the calf, hip, buttock, lumbar muscles.

If Nastya is helped to stand up, she will be standing on her tips.

All sessions were assisted by: me, Nikonov Nikolai Borysovych, Nastya’s father and mother,  my wife, Nykonova Liliia Oleksandrivna.

Progressive Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy at Nastya began at the age of 7. In kindergarten age she was an active child. Nastya was born on time and without pathologies. The girl's weakness began in childhood and progressed rapidly.

After carrying out by me, Nikonov Nikolai Borysovych, a series of sessions, an improvement was observed.

Reasons of Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

The reason for the development of this pathology is a genetic defect in the gene 13q12, 17q12-q21.33, 4q12 and 5q33. This means that an insufficient amount of enzymes is formed in the muscle cell. They are actively requested by the cells for the subsequent construction of the protein. It turns out that due to protein deficiency, the permeability of cell membranes increases. That is, the sarcoglycans synthesis is impaired, and therefore the dystrophin-glycoprotein protein complex is disrupted.

The protein complex dystrophin-glycoprotein provides the connection of the cell skeleton of the contractile elements of myofibrils muscle fibers with extracellular tissue structures. As a result of the deficiency of sarcoglycans, the balance of amino acids and enzymes in the muscle fibers is disturbed. The frame of the muscle cell creates a protein - dystrophin. The frame of the muscle cell is similar to chain-link grid. More precisely - to honeycomb. If there is no honey in one comb, the neighboring combs increase in size and are slightly shifted by one wall to the place of the empty comb. Honey from enlarged honeycomb begins to flow out.

Genetic defect in case of Erb-Roth dystrophy

Fig. 1. Genetic defect in case of Erb-Roth dystrophy

Similarly, the enzyme creatine phosphokinase begins to flow out of the muscle cell. It flows out of the cell and enters the lymph first, then from the lymph into the blood. The presence of elevated levels of creatine phosphokinase in the blood indicates that the muscle cell is in trouble, that is, the biochemical reactions are disordered in it.

For what does muscle cell need creatine phosphokinase in sufficient quantities? Creatine phosphokinase is needs by muscle cell in order for creating energy by mitochondria. The energy in the muscle cell is created by the mitochondria.

Muscle weakness in case of Erb-Roth muscular dystrophy creates an insufficient amount of creatine phosphokinase inside the muscle cell.

What does a muscle cell do to stop the release of creatine phosphokinase to the outside?

To save the necessary substances, the cell is forced to close these holes. And they can be closed only by those substances that are larger than these holes. The muscle cell begins to retain within itself the fatty components that are larger than these holes.

To keep the fatty components around these holes, applying force is required. To make a force, you need energy. Energy is created by mitochondria. Therefore, to save the life of the cell and its life, the mitochondria move from the motor proteins of actin and myosin to the walls, floor and ceiling of the cell. Actin and myosin remain without part of the energy. The cell, frightened by the fact that other holes may form in the frame, is concerned with creating additional fatty inclusions (just in case) within itself. There are so many of these inclusions that the fat begins to pinch the motor proteins of the cell until they are completely immobilized.

Muscle cell condition in case of Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

Fig. 2. Muscle cell condition in case of Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

Explanation of the photo:

A - resizing of muscle fibers and necrotic myofibrils (arrows).

B -cluster of basophilic regenerating myofibrils (arrows).

C - immunohistochemical staining of dystrophin demonstrates a noticeable loss of cell plasmalemma’s normal color.

How does my method work to recover normal muscle movement?

Using my method, Nikolai Nikonov’s method, at Erb-Roth dystrophy: stretching a muscle, fixing it in a certain position and pressing on it with a certain technical way, release of motor proteins from the press of fat inclusions occurs.

In an electron microscope, I see an increase in the presence of fat cells and the concentration of mitochondria at the cell walls, which confirms my ratiocination.

Muscle biopsy in the diagnosis of Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

Fig. 3. Muscle biopsy in the diagnosis of Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

Muscle biopsy shows frank endomysial fibrosis (A) and lymphocyte infiltration (B). (C) Basophilic regenerating fibers are shown. (D) Necrotic myofibril infiltrated with marked lymphocytes and histiocytes.

As long as fatty inclusions, by their weight, does not stop the work of motor proteins, muscle movement is present. May be weak, exhausted soon, but the movement of the muscles is present.

As soon as fatty inclusions clamp motor proteins, immobilization is formed. If immobilization occurs in the diaphragm, breathing stops. If immobilization occurs in the heart, then the heart stops.

I cannot recover the work of the gene, but ... by influence on the muscles with my method, it turned out to be possible to reduce the amount of fatty components inside the muscle cell of a girl with progressive Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy and part of the mitochondria returned to their places.

Muscles began to contract and made it possible for Nastya to start moving.

Now Nastya is at home; there is no deterioration in her condition. Even there is some improvement - Nastya began to swim in the pool.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

The inconvenience in Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy recovery is that you need to periodically influence on the muscles with my method so that there are no excessively large fat deposits in the muscle cells.

People with diabetes mellitus experience discomfort throughout their lives, taking insulin, but in spite of this they live a full life (they acquire a family and have children).

I am proud of my knowledge, experience and skills!


The result of my knowledge of recovery of normal muscle function in case of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy:

Muscle strength has appeared in Emine, Sergii, Jacob. They and my other patients walk like normal healthy people!

Symptoms in case of Erb-Roth Dystrophy

I cite the key symptoms of this diagnosis, which begins to develop in children and adolescents:

As a result of the progression of the disease, there is a constant general weakness and weakening of the core muscles and the shoulder girdle muscles. These processes lead to such defects as hyperlordosis. Each time it becomes more difficult for dystrophic patients, as well as to hold objects in their hands, to raise their arms upward. As for mimic facial muscles, they also lose their mobility. This leads to the fact that there is an incomplete closure of the eyelids and lip protrusion.

The process of a gradual decrease in muscle tonus leads to the inevitable thinning and sagginess of the muscular tissue of the patient with progressive Erb-Roth Dystrophy, replacing it with adipose and fibrous tissue, i.e. myodystrophy.

Symptoms of the disease on the later stages

Serious loss of muscle mass, flexion contracture, reduction of the patient’s tendons and almost complete loss of deep tendon reflexes of the child’s lower limbs (knee and planta).

Diagnosis of Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy

As for electromyography, it allows you to explore not only the degree of neuromuscular transmission, but also determine the level of direct muscular irritability, which is extremely important for the differential diagnosis of the disease with pathologies of neuropathic muscles.

Erb-Roth Dystrophy Treatment

It should immediately be noted that I cannot recover a damaged gene, but ...
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

The effect of my method is aimed at reducing the intensity of symptoms, slowing the progression of the disease, increasing strength in the muscles, recovery of proper movement in all muscle groups.

I do not treat Erb-Roth Muscular Dystrophy. I am engaged in the recovery of normal muscle function. Therefore, I will not describe the treatment manipulations applied in hospitals and other rehabilitation centers in my article. Most likely, you tried them.

My article is for informational purposes only. I took information from my observations and a decade of research, discoveries of scientists from around the world.

What are Muscular Dystrophy Duchenne, Becker and Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease

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