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Dr. Nikonov

Desperate people, whose problems cannot be solved by the classical medicine, ask me for help. These people have tried all treatments that health professionals offered them but no one of them gave the expected result. I have developed the unique method of the emendic treatment, which gives a significant result after a few sessions (usually everything depends on the diagnosis and the severity of the problem). Various treatments, expensive ointments, medicines and injections appointed by physicians have no effect. The main mistake of the classical medicine is that it works with the consequences and not with the causes of problems.

Physicians underestimate and simply ignore the muscles! The majority of diseases are caused by muscular swelling.
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I am a myologist and study muscles for more than 30 years. I know everything about them: structure, properties, functions in a norm and pathology. I know what the muscles can do and how you can influence through them to the entire body. For this reason, my original technique of the emendic massage gives the result unattainable by the classical methods of treatment. The Nobel Laureates support my point of view.

Advantages of my method

Firstly, there is already a significant result after the first emendic massage session. Note that all depends on the diagnosis and severity of the disease. Usually 1-3 sessions are enough to achieve the first result.

Secondly, the procedures are carried out at the patient's home in Moscow. Visitors from other cities or countries rent an apartment or a hotel room. Such meetings are previously discussed in written.

Thirdly, I am willing to share my knowledge, so I teach parents the emendic massage techniques. Further consultations are possible via Skype or WhatsApp.

In the process of teaching the latter can be filmed with detailed explanations. The service is paid!
Working with muscle swelling

In the process of the emendic procedures, Dr. Nikonov influences only the problem muscles. By doing so, he manages to help patients with the problems that, at first glance, are completely unrelated to the muscles. For example numbness in the hands and feet, joint pain, tinnitus, constant feeling of fatigue, etc. All my practice proves that the emendic procedure is an effective remedy for many problems in adults and children.


Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Every day many of us experience and suffer from various inconveniences: lower back pain, headache, inability to squat, difficulties with bending body, the child cries continually and has sleeping problems. The fact is that people not only suffer but also explain to themselves why this happens: lower back hurts because I have walked for too long; I have headache because everyone does; I can't squat or bend because of the age; and children cry because they always do. Does it sound familiar? However, all these inconveniences can be eliminated and you can make your life more comfortable. Don't wait for the time when everything gets even worse. The less severe the problem is the faster and easier it is solved.


Don't lose hope if minor inconveniences become serious problems: constant pain in the back or leg, inability to stand up, turn around, mount the stairs. Patients who have undergone the emendic treatment course experienced relief already during the first session! With each session the pain subsides more and soon disappears completely.

Striking efficiency of the emendic procedures in combating pain and diseases is not a miracle or randomness; it is the fact that has a scientific explanation. If you are interested in the principles of impact of my treatment method, you may learn about them on the pages of my website. You may read and watch reviews of patients who coped with their problems and got a chance to live a normal happy life. Contact me and I will help you, as I have helped hundreds of other patients!

Information about emendic massage:

Education and work experience of Dr. Nikonov.

The list of all clinical hospitals where Dr. Nikonov perfected, practiced and discovered unknown medical phenomena, are provided below.

The clinics where he worked and treated adult patients:
  • "Nizhny Novgorod regional neurological hospital of war veterans" (1977)
  • "City Clinical Hospital No. 5" (1977-1978).
  • "City Clinical Hospital No. 3" (1979-1989).
  • "City hospital No. 33" (1980).
  • "Hospital named after Semashko", Nizhny Novgorod (1983).
  • "City Hospital No. 11", Nizhny Novgorod (1993).
  • "Russian Cardiology Research and production complex".
  • "Institute of the human brain of the Russian Academy of Science", St. Petersburg
The clinics where Dr. Nikonov treated children
  • "Nizhny Novgorod regional Children's Clinical Hospital".
  • "Nizhny Novgorod scientific research institute of Pediatric Gastroenterology".
  • "Maternity hospital No. 1", Nizhny Novgorod.
  • "Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. I. Kulakov" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • "Children's City Clinical Hospital No. 13 named after Filatov".
Medical academies where the myologist perfected his knowledge
  • "Gorky Medical Institute named after S. M. Kirov" (1975-1981). Having completed several training programs Nikolai Borisovich became a myologist.
  • "Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy".
  • "Novokuznetsk State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors of the Ministry of Health".
  • "National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk".
  • "Harvard Medical School".
  • "Institute for regenerative medicine".
  • "Russian Scientific Center for medical rehabilitation and balneology".

The clinics where Dr. Nikonov treated children

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