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Cerebral palsy in premature babies

Stages of childbirth

Why babies are born prematurely

An embryo stays inside his/her mother in a curled position called "embryo pose". When the muscles begin to swell more than they can withstand their internal pressure, the embryo feels pain in this position. He stretches out to “release" from pain. The uterus muscles cannot withstand the pressure from the inside and open. As a result, the baby is born prematurely.


Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

By the way, people turn in bed trying to release from pain in the muscles before falling asleep. Try not to turn from side to side, and you will learn what painful sensations the embryo releases from at birth.

A premature infant

Stages of childbirth

A premature infant is born by him/herself, trying to release from pain in the muscles of the back.
Cerebral palsy develops in premature babies due to swelling in the muscle cells.
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I am a Myologist, having been successfully restoring premature babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy for more than 30 years. My technique is based on personal experience and supported by knowledge and vast experience. The method developed by me is emendic massage.


Why I succeed in restoring the children

Let's look at the condition of the back muscles of a five-month-old premature infant, who died due to a brain hemorrhage immediately after birth. The images are taken from an electron microscope.

Muscle fibers

You can see the swelling in the muscle cells and the displacement of the nuclei from the center of the cells to the periphery. Notes to the image:

Swelling in the back muscles caused pain in the embryo. When the pain became intolerable, the child rose from the embryo pose to his/her feet and, pushing from the womb wall, began to come up.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

We shall consider why the premature babies develop bronchopulmonary dysplasia, bronchitis, apnea (respiratory arrest).


Due to the presence of swelling in the intercostal muscles, the baby's chest cannot completely expand when inhaled. Therefore, the alveoli, of which the lungs consist, are incompletely filled with air and can stick together at any time. To prevent the child’s death from asphyxia, the artificial respiratory support is provided.


Why premature babies suffer from retinopathy (retinal exfoliation)

The vessels that grow from an underdeveloped retina penetrate the eyeball. As a result, the child has poor eyesight and get blind.

The premature infant’s muscles are swollen, with the cell nuclei shifted from the center to the periphery, so the muscle cells cannot relax completely. The inability of full muscle stretching results in poor sucking function, regurgitation, suffering from obstructive bronchitis and sudden stopping of breathing (apnea).

Cerebral palsy in premature infants is diagnosed at the age of 1 year!

In the first year after the birth of a child, a motor backwardness is observed. By one year, the muscle condition does not improve, and you think that the problem is in the brain cells. The surrounding experts ascertain that the cells are damaged and will refer to the MRI and ultrasound findings.

Neurologists diagnose the premature babies with:

Spastic tetraparesis (double hemiplegia)

Spastic diplegia

Hemiplegia, spastic one-sided cerebral palsy

Dyskinetic cerebral palsy

Ataxic cerebral palsy

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Own opinion: MRI and ultrasound do not show pathological changes in the brain in the diagnosed hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, motor disorders syndrome and cerebral palsy. But neurologists need this diagnosis to state that hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy causes periventricular leukomalacia, which is the cause of convulsions. Although neurologists admit that there are no clinical manifestations common to this pathological condition!


Own opinion: ultrasound can reveal echo-density proving the state of swelling, but not the death of brain neurons! Intraventricular hemorrhages cause the death of small premature babies within a few hours after birth.

I believe that the lymphatic system of muscle cells does not develop at the same speed as the muscles. The number of muscle cells increases and lymph is not able to carry waste products out from the muscle and fat cells. Pay attention: Swelling occurs due to the accumulation of own waste products in the muscle cell.

lymphatic system

Comment to the image:

The green color in the first image indicates the lymphatic trunk of the lymphatic system, which develops normally and without deviations. The second image shows immature lymphatic vessels of the embryo. There are vessels in the form of a grid in the image. Please note that these images were taken from an electron microscope.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Professor Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi from the Medical University of Osaka, Japan, shares my point of view and has conducted a series of studies at my request. As a result, the professor discovered that the primitive lymphatic system (up to 9 weeks of embryo development) ceases to grow and does not branch because the endothelial and mesenchymal cells do not produce the construction protein polydome.

Muscle cells grow, and the lymphatic vessels do not.

My point of view is also supported by Professor Sergei Saveliev, who is the Head of the Human Brain Morphology Laboratory at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Sergei Saveliev argues that it is not the brain cells that are important, but the links between these cells. In the event that a part of the cells dies, another part of them restores the damaged links for three months and the muscle cells receive the right commands from the brain. But these commands cannot be performed because of the presence of swelling.

Treatment of cerebral palsy in premature infants

I have developed a unique method of treatment, called emendic massage. By applying a set of manual techniques, I release the muscle cell from the swelling and the motion is restored.

Immature cells do not respond to drugs, so the problem cannot be solved by medication!

In premature infants diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the movement in the muscle cells is restored, provided that the swelling is eliminated and the nuclei of the cells return to the center. When the nucleus of the cell is in the center, the chemical power stations of the mitochondrial cells produce enough energy to allow the muscle to stretch freely.

This is how an emendic effect reduces the swelling in the back muscles in premature babies:

muscles in premature babies 

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I had a case of preventing the development of cerebral palsy in a premature baby, who weighed only 730 grams at birth! Already at the age of one year and a half, he could walk as his peers. After the ophthalmic operation, his eyesight recovered, and now he has no problems with his eyes. As a result of treatment by my method obstructive bronchitis disappeared completely. By a year and a half, Bogdan could eat with a spoon, without regurgitation, comb his hair and say a few words.


The video below shows Bogdan at the age of 1.5 years:

The next video shows Bogdan at the age of 3 years:

To continue the material on the topic, I will write a generally accepted view on the causes of the birth of premature infants. You have already known my point of view – swelling in the fetal muscle cells.


There is only one true cause of cerebral palsy in premature infants – swelling in the muscle cells. Its elimination allows restoring the mobility of the muscles of the sick child. This process takes time, desire and perseverance of the parents. The remaining "causes" of cerebral palsy in premature babies are related to the knowledge of the 19th century and are not supported by modern research and statistics.


Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

If you pick an unripe fruit off the apple tree, it will start to rot quickly, which means death. If you pick a ripe apple, then it will remain the same during all winter. For a human life, it means a hundred years without serious illnesses. Premature babies can be compared to immature apples. They have many free cavities inside that did not have time to ripen. In the maternity hospital, the premature baby was provided with the conditions for ripening. After the ripening, it is time to restore the movements of the child's muscles, eliminating the main cause of their immobility – swelling.


Parents of a premature baby can learn from me how to restore their child by themselves, avoiding the development of cerebral palsy.

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $
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