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Ataxic cerebral palsy

A child with ataxic cerebral palsy can get rehabilitated!
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

I have been engaged in rehabilitation of muscle movements in children with this form of cerebral palsy for more than 30 years. I am a Myologist, i.e. a doctor who restores the correct muscle work. I succeed in restoring children with this diagnosis due to applying a completely different technique of affecting the muscles.


Just so, the parents of a child with ataxic cerebral palsy understand why the muscles do not move in a right way, we should stray from the Neurologist’s views and look at the muscles from the point of view of the Myologist. To do this, let’s look into the electron microscope and see what has happened to the muscles of their child with this form of cerebral palsy.

Photo of muscle fiber

Notes to the above figure:

When the muscle fibers are parallel and close to each other, the muscles move easily. This is the way the muscles work in healthy children. If the muscle fibers are separated from one another, then the muscles cannot move, which results in a condition the Neurologists call the hypotonia, although in fact there is no muscle hypotonia.

My technique, aimed at restoring muscle movements in ataxic cerebral palsy, is called emendic. It is the only one in the world that allows for rehabilitation of a child with this disease. The applied emendic action squeezes out the swelling from the muscle fibers, and they become parallel and approach each other.

the swelling from the muscle fibers

The first image obtained with an electronic microscope shows muscle fibers separated from each other by a swelling. The second image shows that, during the emendic procedure, the intermuscular swellings decrease. You start observing positive dynamics in the movements of your child. The third image shows an approximation of muscle fibers. The strength of the child’s muscle movements is restored under the influence of the emendic procedures. Now you understand that I restore muscle movements by working with muscles rather than with the brain.

Therefore, I can restore a child with ataxic cerebral palsy to health!

To promote my paper on the Internet, I have to write a point of view of Neurologists but added with my comments. I am forced to comment to prevent you from thinking that I share the view of Neurologists on the causes and methods of treatment of the ataxic cerebral palsy.

The view of Neurologists is based on knowledge of the 19th century!

Ataxic cerebral palsy characteristics

Neurologists: in addition to spastic disorders, this form is characterized by coordination disorders.

Own opinion: coordination disorders come out from the muscle swelling.

Neurologists: the major characteristics of the abnormality are:

Own opinion: the state of muscle movement depends on their ability to move. If they are swollen partially or in groups, then there will be neither coordination nor voice.

Ataxic cerebral palsy has three groups of severity: mild, moderate, and full-blown.

A child with a mild degree of the disease moves independently with slight characteristic deviations in the gait and manual actions. You can see postural disorders caused by the swelling in different muscles. No intellectual disorders exist.

In moderate ataxic cerebral palsy, children are able to move with the help of improvised means; they experience difficulties in their daily living activities. At this stage, there are intellectual, visual and hearing disorders.

A child with full-blown ataxic cerebral palsy cannot move independently, perform self-care. There is a delay in tonic reflexes, disturbance in analyzer systems, mental retardation and neurotic disorders.

The examples of movement coordination disorders are shown in the figure:

Coordination disorders photo

The child has hand tremor while attempting to take an object. Children with ataxic cerebral palsy begin walking at the age of 2-3 years. Their movements are not coordinated, the gait is unstable. Children with this form of disease walk and stand straddle and make additional movements to maintain equilibrium by holding their arms sideward.

Causes of the abnormality development

Own opinion: there is only one cause of ataxic cerebral palsy: an intermuscular swelling. Swelling is not an accumulation of fluid. It is an aggregate of protein compounds. Protein compounds begin accumulating in utero on week 9 of embryo development.

Neurologists mention 200 causes of the disease. The Neurologists’ knowledge is based on the concept of ataxic cerebral palsy of the 19th century! The Neurologists have different causes and one diagnosis only.

Own opinion: there is no data on the children with the considered diagnosis born to parents suffering from the same or another form of cerebral palsy.

Neurologists: Disturbances in blood or oxygen supply to the brain can cause brain damage.

Own opinion: the statement of Neurologists is based on the assumption. There is no ultrasound or MRI evidence of brain damage. Sergei Saveliev, Head of the Brain Morphology Laboratory at the Russian Academy of Sciences, supports my view that damaging two hemispheres is impossible. If there was a damage, the heart would already stop in utero.

Neurologists: infections in newborns may give rise to the development of serious diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis, which result in the observed complications.

Own opinion: being infected, the body produces a large number of both lymphocytes and protein compounds. The surplus of protein compounds is deposited in the intra-uterine muscle swelling. Thus, infectious diseases enhance the severity of ataxic cerebral palsy.

Neurologists: Alcohol, smoking, intake of potent drugs, etc. can provoke the development of the abnormality.

Own opinion: placenta is a very serious filter for potent drugs. Alcohol is produced in the mother's body during meals, as evidenced by the data of the 21st century. The opinion of Neurologists is presumptive and based on the knowledge of the 19th century.

Cause: physical influence.

Neurologists: a child’s brain damage can be a result of radioactive, X-ray irradiation of a pregnant woman, as well as of electromagnetic treatment.

Own opinion: these data, again, are based on the knowledge of Neurologists of the 19th century. Women-astronauts experienced this influence in outer space, where these emissions are millions of times greater than on Earth. There is no evidence of a negative effect on the fetal development, according to data of the 21st century.

Neurologists: brain damage can be caused by injuries and traumas immediately after birth.

Own opinion: the brain (I mean neurons) does not exist separately from the body, which is made of muscles. In the case of injury, the muscles suffer most, as they strain or relax trying to reduce the mechanical effect on the head. Muscle fibers do not withstand rapid stretching and tear. Muscles do not withstand their rapid stretching due to their inoperative state caused by swelling. To construct the ruptured muscles, the hormonal system produces a large amount of protein, which is accumulated in the muscle swelling and increases the gaps between the fibers. The trauma promotes the development of a more severe degree of the child’s ataxic cerebral palsy from mild one.

Video about muscle swelling:

Ataxic cerebral palsy pathogenesis

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

Please note that this is the hardest to understand a section of the paper. I briefly wrote at the very beginning what happens in this form of cerebral palsy, but the promotion of the paper has its laws and I am forced to describe a pathogenesis from the point of view of Neurologists. Their point of view is based on the knowledge of the 19th century and is not confirmed.


Neurologists: the main role in the pathogenesis of the developing nervous system belongs to hypoxia, acidosis, and hypoglycemia. The products of impaired metabolism directly affect the brain or lead to swelling and secondary circulatory changes.

Own opinion: the pathometabolic products cannot affect the neurons. The neurons receive supply from and remove waste through the ganglia. Ganglia are intermediate cells between blood and neurons. Ganglia will never pass “nasty things” to a neuron.

Neurologists: motor disorders appear due to the release of the trunk structures from subordinate influences of the cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum, detained in their development. A consequence of the increasing pathological activity of the trunk structures is the activity of irreducible tonic reflexes and muscle tonus disturbance typical of ataxic cerebral palsy. Based on this, pathological synergies and settings are formed in the joints of the shoulder and pelvic girdles.

Own opinion: there is no evidence about the delay in the formation of connections between the neurons when they are active.

Data of the 21st century, based on the study of muscles affected by cerebral palsy, using an electron microscope:

There are dystrophic and atrophic processes observed in muscle fibers:

There are obvious changes in the intrafusal fibers of muscle spindles:

Muscle dysmetabolism occurs:

The narrowing of the muscle-supplying arteries provokes venous congestion. As a result, the muscle is poorly supplied with blood and accumulates metabolic products. Muscles become swollen and cause pain.

The patients with ataxic cerebral palsy show signs of mitochondrial pathology. Typical subsarcolemal clusters of glycogen, lipids and calcium salts and ultrastructural signs of mitochondrial damage. There are signs of "torn red fibers" – a visualization of the subarachromolemal mitochondrial cluster.

Treatment of ataxic cerebral palsy

Neurologists: not knowing how to cure a child with this diagnosis to prevent claims from their parents, they argue that this pathology cannot be cured. Therefore, the treatment is aimed at mitigation of muscle damage and adaptation of the child in society. For this purpose, general physiotherapy rehabilitation procedures are used: regular massage to improve blood circulation in order to reduce muscle tone and prevent contractures.

Own opinion: blood circulation cannot be better since its managed by the heart. If blood circulation in any part of the child's body worsens, gangrene appears. Contractures caused during a therapeutic massage cannot be prevented. Moreover, doctors mean contractures by the immobility of joints. The joints move the muscles, and not vice versa. Therefore, therapeutic massage is not effective even for the purpose of preventing deterioration of the condition.

Neurologists: therapeutic physical training helps to prevent the contractures.

Own opinion: therapeutic exercises are done for muscle movement, but without fixation of normally moving muscles, the afunctional muscles will remain the same. Stretching will be performed by freely stretched areas of muscle.

Neurologists: prescribe acupuncture as the treatment of the considered disease.

Own opinion: they do this, as they do not have a clue how acupuncture works. This method is ineffective.

Neurologists prescribe swimming to treat ataxic cerebral palsy.

Own opinion: swimming is not a cure. Swimming is a pleasure.

Neurologists prescribe Vojta therapy – the method of activation of reflexes.

Own opinion: without eliminating, the swelling in the muscle cells and returning the mitochondria to the center of the cells the child will not recover. The technique used by Neurologists is aimed at giving parents the impression that the child has started moving his/her arms and legs.

Neurologists prescribe to wear carrying systems consisting of supporting elements and elastic adjustable rods to treat ataxic cerebral palsy.

Own opinion: without eliminating, the swelling in the muscle cells and returning the mitochondria to the center of the cells the child will not recover. Mitochondria give energy for the movement of muscles. Wearing a carrying system or, vice versa, being in a space suit will not solve the problem of returning cell power plants to their places in the center of the cell.

Neurologists: medication includes the use of nootropics and homeopathic medicines. It is prescribed in the presence of auxiliary impairments in the form of delayed intellectual and psychological development.

Neurologists: even if the child receives timely treatment, his/her recovery becomes almost impossible. Only about 20% of patients can walk independently.

Own opinion: I help a child with ataxic cerebral palsy to get rehabilitated using the method of emendic effect. The emendic procedure is an emendic massage of the afunctional muscles during their fixation. The technique of the muscle stimulation is simple, however, very effective. There is one course of restoring the correct work of the muscles: starting from the influence on the muscles and ending with the complete recovery without the invented by Neurologists intervals.

Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

My technique is aimed at the elimination of the intermuscular swelling and creation of conditions for the return of the nuclei of muscle cells to the center of the cell. At the same time, mitochondria come to their places along with the nuclei and begin to produce energy for stretching and contraction of actin and myosin proteins.


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