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Seeking medical advice from doctor Nikonov

Visit to doctor Nikonov is paid! The cost of the visit is 800 Euro

To get an answer from Nikolai Borisovich, follow clear rules:
Payment of the question

Below are the available payment methods

Enter data

Fill in the form fields

Enter the transfer number

At the beginning of the message, specify the transfer number, attach a photo of the receipt

Adding a photo

If necessary, you can attach a photo

Wit for answer

Doctor Nikonov Nikolai Borisovich answers the paid-in questions in 1-3 days

If at the beginning of the message the transfer number is not indicated (or photos of the payment slip are attached), then such a question will not be submitted to Nikolai Borisovich for consideration!

Be sure to watch the video prepared by doctor Nikonov

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Available ways to transfer money

Use only the methods of transferring funds indicated on this page. Transfer in any other way will be rejected and will not be received.
Transfer via “Western Union”

Details of the recipient:

Last name: Nikonova       
Name: Liliya
Patronymic: Aleksandrovna
City: Moscow               
Mobile phone: +7 (985) 802 - 05 - 52 – this number is for money transfer only!

Transfer purpose: donation.

How to send money online:

Visit the official website of Western Union following the link.

Transfer via “MoneyGram”

Details of the recipient:

Last name: Nikonova       
Name: Liliya
Patronymic: Aleksandrovna
City: Moscow

How to send money online:

Go to the official website of “MoneyGram” following the link.

The diagnosis of the patient?

How is the disease occurred?

Express your question

It is possible to diagnose a problem using photo. Please, add a photo and fill in all the fields.

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Read the answers to frequently asked questions to Dr. Nikonov Nikolai Borisovich.

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $

Liliia Aleksandrovna prepared a video message, where she tells how to sign up for a consultation procedure or ask the doctor for a question.

Detailed instructions, methods of payment, and the application form can be found at the link:


You will find answers to your questions in the section: FAQ