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Nikonov's Method

The impact on the human body according to the Nikonov's method is a complex of manual techniques in which the processes of cells renewal are restored and the waste products of vital activity are removed. As a result, muscle cells are cleaned, they start working more efficiently, the process of intoxication stops. As a result, cells are reduced in size.

The effect on the muscles by the Nikonov's method was developed and over the course of 40 years has been successfully used by me, Nikolai Borisovich Nikonov.
Dr. Nikonov
Dr. Nikonov

The process of movement of a muscle cell directly depends on the quality of its cytoplasm. From my impact on muscle cells, the vital potential of the muscle cell rises to the physiological norm. The effectiveness of the Nikonov's method is explained by the fact that it has a direct effect on the muscles.

Nikonov's Technique for Muscle Impact

Technique impact on the muscles by Nikonov's method is quite complicated, but effective. Certain manual movements develop dense muscle. Manual action is made with direct hands located at an angle of 90 degrees to the patient, which receives manual action equal to the doctor’s mass and the pressure force of the muscles of his hands.

In order not to cause injury from such pressure, the doctor's hands are slightly bent at the elbow joints. With this pressure, the arms bent at the elbow joint are absorbed, the patient feels deep penetrating, but at the same time soft pressure.

The manual action itself is performed first by the doctor’s palms, then by the back of the hand, which is closed into a fist. The specialist produces all movements without shifting the skin. The movement of the hands from the treated area of the patient's body to the untreated one is done by completely taking the doctor’s hands away from the patient’s body.

The specialist does this very carefully, because pain is possible. The impact on the muscles is carried out gently, the problem areas are processed carefully. The effect on the muscles according to the Nikonov's method changes the density of the cytoplasm of the muscle cell. Under the conditions of sol-cytoplasm, ATP energy molecules move freely from mitochondria to actin and myosin motor proteins.

Problems solved with the help of the impact on the muscles by the Nikonov's method
  • Elimination of pain.
  • Reducing the volume of any part of the body.
  • Elimination of swelling.
  • Restoring limb movements.
  • Elimination of muscle hypertonia.
  • Recovery of muscle movement in cerebral palsy.
  • Increased muscle mobility.
  • Recuperation of complete movements after ankle fracture.
  • Headache elimination.
  • Muscle recovery after a stroke.
  • Elimination of bedsores.
  • Restore the correct gait.

The effect on muscles by the Nikonov's method allows women to do fitness (it is easy to bend, squat, bridge, splits), not to injure gymnasts, to write and draw correctly and beautifully.

By acting on muscle cells, you can restore normal muscle movement in any person with any diagnosis (except oncology).
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