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Arm weakness in children

The most efficient method of recovery of fine motor skills and muscle flexibility in children is the emendic message. This treatment procedure allows eliminating muscle swelling (muscle hypertonia) in muscular tissues. This therapy was developed by Doctor N.B. NIkonov, the myologist with thirty years of work experience. This methodology is applied for impact onto problematic muscles. The regular message sessions restore lymphotrophy and adjusts metabolism in human body cells. Owing to this medical treatment, the muscular cells are decreased up to the normal dimensions, and thus, returning strength to human arms.

Specific cases of cure

The six-year old boy named Egor has a brightly expressed weakness in his arms. He is not capable to write and perform elementary actions. To do “crab position” or “basket” exercises is an unattainable goal for him. The child averts his eyes during a handshake, as well as he cannot look into the eyes of his teacher. Going down the stairway is accompanied by holding the hand railings.

Egor’s parents decided to try the emendic message technique by Doctor Nikonov. In the video, shown below, the myologist shows places where the swelling is located, and the main strain is concentrated affecting the capabilities to write.

The video presents the tenth training session, during which Doctor Nikolay Borisovich Nikonov explains the principle of adequate medical treatment procedures. The boy’s mother learned to act upon damaged muscles of her child without doctor’s assistance. The result of these procedures became the noticeable changes in Egor’s behavior.  He became more active, capable to bend thrusting off by his arms, going downstairs by sidesteps without support. The boy does not avert his eyes from overstrain during handshake.

The main problem with the fine motor skills and upper limbs’ muscular tissues weakness consists in the protein swelling of muscles of the human neck and back. In this context, the swelling – it is not the overabundance of liquid, but protein accumulation, which formed already during formation of muscular tissues on the 6-9th week of fetal development. Owing to emendic massage sessions, six-year old Egor understands only now how to live at the utmost. Ten treatment procedures ensured an opportunity to the boy going downstairs, shake hands strongly without averting his eyes, do such an exercise as “basket” at the minimal support.

The video below shows one of the emendic treatment procedures performed with Egor. Already during the 10th procedure, the child was capable to do complex exercises, such as “basket” and “crab position”.

Incorrect handwriting is the consequence of encephalopathy. In this context, many people believe that the capability to perform minor motions depends on practice, But Doctor Nikonov thinks that this a wrong opinion. No exercises, such as plasticine modeling, are able to recover the normal coordination of movements and fine motor skills of fingers. By this, you can practice all your life if the swelling of your back, neck and collar zone muscles is not eliminated.

Thanks to the emendic massage, it is possible to correct the handwriting and achieve excellent results in treating the arm weakness in children. After a series of sessions, Egor was able to perform more complex and coordinated movements. Once again, the therapy by Dr. Nikonov proves the connection between the work of free muscles and the functions of the brain.

One of the patients of Doctor Nikonov is Bogdan diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The recovery process for Bogdan started when he was only 9 months old. The child was born in the maternity hospital No. 17, in Filatov and Morozov hospital in the psychoneurologic dispensary for disabled children. When born, his weight amounted to only 730 g. This was a very pessimistic prognosis for him – life to spent in a wheeled chair with the loss of intellectual abilities.

But owing to the emendic treatment procedures, Doctor Nikonov managed to recover and rehabilitate the flexibility of muscles of the child. This became a thrust for development of his intellect. Nowadays, Bogdan is capable to assemble a pyramid from blocks that is impossible for children with the pyramidal insufficiency. Besides, he stopped to suffer from bronchitis diseases. Learn more from watching video:

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