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Recovery of profoundly premature infant, weighing 730 grams

Christina, a mother of a profoundly premature infant has shared her story with us. A photo of her Bogdan is shown below:

Bogdan weighing 730 grams photo 2

A 23-weeks baby’s weight was only 730 grams! This was my second pregnancy, I was preparing consciously to it. Everything was good, but my baby bump began aching after the visit to my relatives. I was alarmed and decided to visit my doctor. During the examination in hospital, my doctor said that the labor can start any moment, so I was forbidden to get out of the bed. The diagnosis was “cervical incompetence”. On my way to the hospital, I was confident that nothing serious can happen in the fifth month of pregnancy, I’ll get my prescription and go home. But everything was not as I expected it to be. As a result, I was put on preservation, and heavy weekdays began. I was put an IV for three weeks. Doctors said that the longer I’ll lye the better for the baby, but I lied a short while. The thing was that I started bleeding and was taken to give birth. I was allowed to give birth by myself after an ultrasound and their assurance that the baby was in nature position.

The doctors’ prognosis was depressive

A 23-weeks baby’s

Gestational term was very small – profoundly preterm infant – 23 weeks. The doctors reassured me, saying, "If a child dies, it will be better for him and for me. If he survives – he will be disabled.” Doctors told that the baby may be deaf, blind, have mental retardation, cerebral palsy and so on.

Bogdan was born at 23d week instead of 40th. Weight at birth was 730 grams and the growth was 31 cm. The child was immediately placed in the incubator and sent to the intensive care unit. I came to the baby as soon as I have recovered after childbearing. Wires wrapped around Bogdan, ventilator tube was in his throat. Doctors say they had never faced that before. The child was in very serious condition, all devices peeped. Breathing stopped every two hours, but specialists reanimated Bogdan.

The next day we had a conversation with the head of intensive care unit. She said they had never encountered similar situation. She listed possible effects for the health of the profoundly premature infant. I didn’t care about this talk; I didn’t think about it, I fought for son's life. But infection prevailed against us, lung problems began. Bogdan’s chance to survive was little.

On the third day, the child began to eat breast milk, but his condition did not improve. On the ninth day, the baby was in critical condition. Doctors gave disappointing prognosis. On the next day’s morning, I heard his condition had improved for the first time since he was born. After a month in the hospital, we moved to Filatov hospital intensive care unit, where the new severity waited for us.

On 27th day, he was transferred for spontaneous breathing. The baby hardly breathed and had frequent respiratory arrests. His lips turned blue, heart stopped and that repeated many times a day. I thought this would never end, but Bogdan coped with it and was finally taken out of the tube. We went for phase-2 of nursing after a month spent in intensive care. We had to gain weight to 2100 grams, be able to eat with no help and breathe without oxygen supply into the incubator on this stage of recovery.

Bogdan weighing 730 grams

Treatment of retinopathy stage III

After three weeks spent in hospital ophthalmologist examined the baby and said we urgently need eye surgery. Bogdan had the III stage of retinopathy. We were taken to Morozovsk hospital where specialists could operate the baby. At the time of surgery, his weight was only 1700 grams. The procedure took three hours under general anaesthesia. The next day ophthalmologist examined the baby and confirmed that the operation was successful.

I began feeding Bogdan myself, but he spit it all up. Gastric ulcer was suspected and the baby was put on three-days fasting. My son was crying and begging for eat all along. I broke down on the third day and gave him some milk. Then duty doctors and surgeons from all buildings came, but our doctor was not with them, he had the day off. They railed me and told what my actions can result in. Bogdan was fading on my eyes; I didn’t know how to help him. But soon, a doctor visited us and allowed eating bit by bit. The baby cried from hunger so much that the next ophthalmologist examination showed haemorrhages and oedema in both eyes. Everything was fine before!

A few days later, the swelling and haemorrhage began to subside; the kid became more active and began to gain weight. In the 21st day we were prepared to be discharged home, this time Bogdan’s weight was 2100 grams, he breathed and ate without catheter. As a result, after 31 days of mechanical ventilation, the complex eye surgery and four months in the hospital, we were at home. The doctors said that it was just a beginning...

What happened after discharge from the hospital?

We began the endless visits to the doctors, where I just heard that baby is very preterm, and so will soon have scary diagnoses that result in delayed mental and physical development. Our last visit to a neurologist was on child’s 11 months. During the examination, the doctor said that cerebral palsy will be diagnosed in 2 months, and they will draw up a disability. At that time, Bogdan couldn’t fixate the sight, did not turn over properly, could not sit and stand on his feet, which were like "cotton"—absolutely no support. The legs were very thin and marble. I left doctor’s office and understood what he had explained to me only in a while. I didn’t even think that my child will live a full life. It was very hard. I did not give up; I was knocking on doors asking for help. I was ready to give anything to put my baby on his legs, but only one thing we heard in response: he’ll be disabled. My husband and I did not give up and implement all the doctors’ recommendations. We hired expensive masseurs who daily exercised and massaged for 4-5 months! Also, we attended the best osteopaths with Bogdan, but this was beaten in vain.

In addition, Bogdan had bronchopulmonary dysplasia. My kid constantly suffered from obstructive bronchitis, entailing eerie wheezing and fever. He constantly spit up and could not gain any weight. It lasted from the moment we took him home. We handed over a huge number of tests in order to understand what is wrong. We visited all the doctors, but no one could help us. My son could not eat solid food, he immediately vomited.

After some time the teacher Veronica, engaged in development of seriously ill children, advised us to seek for help from Nikolay Borisovich Nikonov. She saw that the doctors’ recommendations and therapists’ work did not give much result, and the time passed, problems became more serious. She also witnessed how myologist restored premature baby with cerebral palsy. Her advice was the last chance for us!

The Emendo-massage restores

I found the Nikolay Borisovich’s digits and made an appointment. Soon we began a new technique, and then the real struggle began, the struggle for a full life! Each procedure was the colossal work. The fact is that we, three adults, have spent a huge amount of effort to make Bogdan’s muscles work. Nikolay Borisovich massaged painful areas that fettered my baby and would not let him move.

My husband and I held our baby during exercises, so that he could not pull away from Nikolay’s hands. My hands and legs were numb, but there was no other way, I had to fix my son. After the first treatment, I noticed at once that Bogdan became relaxed and soft. We exercised three times a week. We had numb hands, fingers unclenched, trembling legs and very bad back during each procedure. It was hard for me, for my husband, for Bogdan and Nikolay Borisovich. We have seen it was useful for our kid. At first, he began to see everything around as he attentively examined the bright wallpaper in brother's room, previously paid any attention to it. He looked at passing cars and people going by when I was raising him to the window.

In a few months of hard work my son began to roll in all directions, he loved it! He could roll from one side of bed to another. Then we began to crawl. First baby pulled up his legs, and he got better and more correct after each procedure. Nikolay Borisovich followed it very strictly. It was very important for myologist that Bogdan did everything correctly. Before starting the procedure, Nikolay Borisovich watched our son and if seeing the problem, started working on a fix. My son reshaped on my eyes.

Several months later, due to gymnastics and emendo procedures, Bogdan began to sit down. At first, he wasn’t really confident, relied on two hands, then after a few lessons—on one hand. Then my baby played and sat without support for a few seconds. Some time later, Bogdan finally sat down! We were satisfied with our work and results, but continued working as a clock.

The results did not make long in coming:

• We stopped to be down with bronchitis.

• Began freely eat a solid food.

• Played with toys and paint.

• Bogdan said "Mom and Dad" consciously.

• The child began to squat and get up on his own feet.

• He took a couple of steps with support.

Now our Bogdan walks, climbs onto the table, bed and overpasses all obstacles with ease. The terrible diagnosis is far behind. Our happiness has no limits. Nikolay Borisovich Nikonov put Bogdan on his feet, and us too.

Due to Nikolay Borisovich techniques, we were able to restore Bogdan with a terrible diagnosis: cerebral palsy, mental retardation and bronchitis without expensive drugs and trips abroad. We are very grateful to Nikolay Borisovich for his work!

Information about emendic massage:

The cost of a written request to the doctor - 800 $
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