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Emendic massage

Emendic massage is a complex of manual techniques, developed by Dr. Nikonov Nikolai Borisovich, which restores renewal processes in muscle cells and helps to eliminate waste products. As a result of the emendic procedures, cells are cleaned from waste products, the intoxication process stops, cells reduce in size and start working more efficiently.

The main point in treating muscle problems is the normalization of the lymph flow, which cleans cells from the remnants of their own waste products. For obtaining the result, you need to give a signal to the brain that a muscle needs cleaning. The emendic technique is directed at this dialog. As a result of the procedures, the lymphatic system restores its functioning, the cell is cleaned from waste products and it reduces in size. Cell potential rises up to standard.

If the cell does not excrete waste products with the lymph, soon it will be filled with them. This will cause swelling of the muscles, which as a result will become dense, stiff and will lose its elasticity. A similar problem exists with fat cells of subcutaneous fat layer. It turns out that the problem is not only with muscle cells but also with superficial fat layer which covers the muscle evenly. As a result, we gain excess volumes and pain in the body. Read more>

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Advantages of the technique developed by Dr. Nikonov

A large numbers of desperate people, who were trying to get rid of pain for a long time, contact me. They have tried all methods that the doctors offered them but the pain remained. I help such people!

Effective technique
The doctor rehabilitated hundreds of patients
Supported by the Nobel Laureates
Real result
Significant improvement in well-being after the first session
Economy of time
The doctor works with the cause rather than consequences of a problem
Cost saving
The pain is relieved without painkillers

Let me introduce myself, I am a myologist Nikonov Nikolai Borisovich, Chief Physician of the clinic "Emendo" and creator of the emendic massage techniques. 30 years of experience let me develop a unique system of massage, which is fundamentally different from classical inefficient techniques.

The emendic massage has helped people of all ages and health conditions:

  • In the treatment of premature babies.
  • In the full rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.
  • To relieve great tonicity in infants and solve the problem of incorrect gait.
  • To get rid of severe pain.
  • To recover quickly from serious injuries.

Follow the link to get more information on my experience and education.

Telephone number of doctor Nikonov
Due to a heavy workload workload, Dr. Nikonov answers all questions preferably via the form located on the site. Please call Nikolai Borisovich after prior arrangement through the respective form.
Session price - 800 $
Session duration:
Adult - 60 min.
Child - 20-60 min.